Whole Cream Pie battle
Whole Cream Pie
Whole Cream Pie Icon
Basic information
Track: Throw
Level: 5
Accuracy: Medium
Base accuracy: 75
Affects: One Cog
Minimum damage: 36
Maximum damage: 40
Organic boost: 39-44
Carry capacity
Minimum: 3
Maximum: 7
Preceded by:
Whole Fruit Pie Icon

Whole Fruit Pie

Succeeded by:
Birthday Cake Icon

Birthday Cake

Skill points gained:


Skill points needed:


Sound files
Throwing (before a hit):
AA pie throw only

The Whole Cream Pie is the level five Throw gag that is preceded by the Whole Fruit Pie and succeeded by the Birthday Cake. A Toon obtains this gag by gaining 2,000 skill points.


  1. After choosing the gag, the Toon will take out the Whole Cream Pie and throw it at the targeted Cog.
  2. If the gag misses, the Cog will jump to the side and the Whole Cream Pie will disappear. If the gag does not miss, the Cog will be hit by the Whole Cream Pie with a large yellow splat.
  3. The Cog will either explode or resume battling, depending on their health.


  • The Whole Cream Pie was the first gag to be available in Toontown Rewritten, as it is the gag used in real-time battles. Turn-based battles were not introduced until beta.
  • Serving as one of his campaigns in the Toon Council Presidential Elections, Flippy had a wheelbarrow of Whole Cream Pies to offer from his pie stand. His pie stand would be used for some ToonFest events from 2014 to 2016, and also used for Pie Day.
  • The Whole Cream Pie is what allowed Flippy to discover the Cogs' ultimate weakness when he used one on the Yesman that arrived unexpectedly during the Toon Council Presidential Elections, moments after Slappy was announced as the winner. Thus, Toons had to use Whole Cream Pies to defeat multiple waves of Cogs when Doomsday occurred.
  • Despite having unique icons to represent how they look in the gag inventory, the Whole Cream Pie shares the same model and texture as the Cupcake and the Whole Cream Pie but in different sizes. There is no actual cream displayed on the Whole Cream Pie, unlike its weaker counterpart, Cream Pie Slice.
  • Whole Cream Pies are using during the final stage of the Vice President battle.
  • A Toon is required to deliver a Whole Cream Pie to Cleff in Notations Office Supplies for a ToonTask in Minnie's Melodyland.


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