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An example of a whisper

A Whisper is an option you can use to chat with other Toons. Using a whisper, other Toons cannot see it unless it is the Toon you are whispering to.

How to whisper

To whisper, click on a Toon's name, then you will see a Toon panel of them. The third button going down on the panel is where you will see the option to whisper. If you click on it, you will see a popup to the top left of your screen. Start typing or proceed to choose one of the phrases from the SpeedChat menu. Press enter to send your whisper!

To quickly reply to another Toon's whisper, you can click the whisper that is sent to you and precede to send them a counter whisper.


  • It is not possible to use the SpeedChat Plus to whisper other Toons who have it disabled.
  • If you receive a whisper, you'll know because you'll hear a "PSST" sound.
  • The "PSST" sound for whispers was originally used for all types of notifications. This was changed around 2011 to a "boing" sound for normal notifications.
  • Normal whispers appear in blue, while emotion whispers appear in orange.
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