Weather is a visual aspect of Toontown Rewritten. The weather across the Tooniverse only changes on special occasions, therefore it usually plays a minor role throughout the game.

Weather Types


Freeze Assets forming snow

Snow is only visible in The Brrrgh and persistently falls in the playground; on the streets snow does not fall, however, it is apparent on the ground.

Lil Oldman casted a spell on December 21, 2013 which caused snow to fall across the Tooniverse up until December 29, 2013.[1] Toons also had a special ability to throw snowballs on December 27, 2014. Slappy provided 25 snowballs to a player who walked up to him in Toontown Central.[2]

Freeze Assets causes snow to fall on the attacked Toon. It can be used by Penny Pinchers, Tightwads and Cold Callers.


Mist or low-level clouds only appears in Donald's Dreamland and Donald's Dock. There are a few patches of mist which touch the ground and slightly reduce visibility on the streets in Donald's Dreamland.


Toontown Central

The sky in Toontown Central Goofy Speedway, Daisy Gardens, Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres, Event Grounds, and Estates.

The sky is an azure shade scattered with puffy white clouds.

Goofy Speedway

The sky is an azure shade scattered with puffy white clouds.

Donald's Dock

The sky is a shade of gray covered with grey clouds which block sunlight.

Daisy Gardens

The sky is an azure shade scattered with puffy white clouds.

Minnie's Melodyland

The sky is a shade of orange scattered with narrow orange clouds.

The Brrrgh

The sky is a bluish shade of grey covered with silverish colored clouds.

Donald's Dreamland

The sky is a dark azure shade scattered with puffy white clouds.

Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres

The sky is an azure shade scattered with puffy white clouds.

Event Grounds

The sky is normally an azure shade scattered with puffy white clouds, but during the events of Toonfest 2015, the sun would set every hour making the sky turn orange and then into dark azure. This is to support the ToonFest Finale Fireworks.

Cog Headquarters

The sky is a dark shade of grey scattered with eerie grey clouds.


The sky is an azure shade scattered with puffy white clouds.

Holidays and Events


During Doomsday, the sky in Toontown Central turned dark and grey while the Cogs attacked the playground.


During Halloween, the skies turn dark and grey (about the same as Doomsday) in each playground as a part of Jack O' Kazam's yearly curse. However, Donald's Dreamland's weather stays the same.


During Christmas, the skies turn grey (although not as grey as Halloween) and the playgrounds and streets are covered in snow. There are snow hills in each playground to which give Toons snowballs for The Great Snowball Fight, although you originally had to get them from Slappy in 2013.



Mover & Shaker Doomsday.png

Liquidate forms a rain shower which the attacked Toon sinks into.

Storm Cloud causes rain to fall above the Cog being attacked.

Rain also falls in Bossbot Headquarters.


Storm Cloud forms a miniature thunderstorm above the cog being attacked.


The attacks Quake, Shake and Tremor are each different intensities of an earthquake; quake being the strongest and tremor being the weakest.


  • Oddly, the ponds in The Brrrgh are not frozen even though the temperature is presumably below freezing because snow has permanently settled to the ground.
  • The amount of lying snow in The Brrrgh playground never changes, despite the persistent snow.
  • During the time around the 4th of July, its common that fireworks appear every hour in all playgrounds in Toontown.
  • The Event Grounds is the only playground that has changing weather.



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