Vice President
Senior Vice President of Sales
Basic information
Type: Sellbots
Attack information
Number of attacks: 6
Weakest attack: Bump
Strongest attack: Jump
Lowest damage: 2
Highest damage: 10
Statistics based on attack damage.
Preceded by:
Mr hollywood

Mr. Hollywood

Succeeded by:

The Chairman

"Go, and make that sale!"
―The Senior Vice President
The Senior Vice President of Sales, more commonly called as the Vice President or V.P., and is the boss of all the Sellbots. He resides atop the Sellbot Towers in Sellbot Headquarters and can be infiltrated by Toons. The only role, based on observations, that the V.P. possesses is promoting Cogs although, based on the definition of a V.P. of marketing, he also is responsible for managing sales for his corporation.


The Senior V.P. is a large Cog with a checkered suit of the traditional magenta Sellbot color. He has a large set of teeth along with binocular eyes. His body is set upon a large rotating gear. He moves by a large metal track underneath him. He has two faces, one on the front of his head and one on the back. The V.P. has several lightbulbs attached to the top of his head, and has a small carriage underneath him that can open from the front and the back to reveal regular Cogs and skelecogs inside.


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Battling the VP consists of three consecutive battle rounds: a battle round with Sellbots ranging from levels 1-12, another round with Skelecogs consisting of levels 8-12, and the final round where you face the Vice President himself using Whole Cream Pies. It is voted the easiest cog boss.

  1. First Round - After the VP foils your plans and realizes you're Toons (courtesy of the SOS Toon trapped in the cage), you will be faced with Sellbots ranging from all levels. The battle style is very basic and most Cogs here are rather low on the corporate ladder. This round includes Sellbots you could find in Daisy Gardens, and other Cogs.
  2. Second Round - After battling the first round, the SOS Toon's cage will move slightly down and the VP will move across the area. Then, you'll face another round where even more Cogs will enter through his undercarriage. But these aren't regular Cogs anymore, they're Skelecogs (Cogs lacking an outer layer or Cog suit). The Cogs in this specific round are solely The Minglers and Mr. Hollywoods whose suits have worn out, and their levels range from 8-12.
  3. Final Round - Finally, after surviving the Skelecog round, you will have to face the VP directly. The SOS Toon will provide Whole Cream Pies to throw at the VP.

You can attack the VP in two different ways during the final round:

  • Stunning - You must stun the VP inside his undercarriage in order for him to get dizzy. You cannot throw Whole Cream Pies at him unless he's stunned.
  • Pelting - You can pelt the VP in order to get him to move back, but he must already be dizzy.

Once the VP is moved far enough, he will get knocked off the edge falling to his doom and land somewhere unknown and you will win the battle, along with freeing the toon.

  • In addition, if a Toon gets low you can throw pies at them to toon them up. Watch the VP however while you're doing this, not attacking him long enough will cause him to go into desperation mode, which reduces the amount of time he's dizzy.

After winning the VP, you will earn two calls for the SOS Toon you saved in battle.

Vice President's Attacks

Note: Most of these attack names are not official, but are referred to as they are on this page by the editors for the ease of the reader. The attacks' damage will also be decreased by at least 50% if Operation: Storm Sellbot HQ is active.

  • Throw Gears: The VP will target a Toon and throw a number of gears at him/her. They deduct 3 Laff. You can jump or run backwards to avoid them.
  • Gear Shower: The VP will spin his torso causing gears to fly out of his body. The shower deducts 3 Laff. Once again, you can either jump or be far away enough from him.
  • Jump: The VP will jump into the air and slam back into the ground. It will deduct 10 Laff to anyone still on the ground. This is a very powerful attack; jump to avoid it!
  • Undercarriage Gears: The VP's undercarriage opens up and gears shoot out of it which deduct 2 Laff. When this happens, you may want to throw pies into the opening to stun him.
  • Swipe: If you get too close, the VP will swipe at the nearby Toon, deducting 5 Laff. This may be triggered by bumping into the VP.
  • Bump: If you touch the VP's lower body directly at any point, you will lose 1 Laff point.

Whole Cream Pie

The Whole Cream Pie is the gag that is used to fight the VP. You can receive them from the caged SOS Toon by jumping up to him/her. You must throw them into the undercarriage of the VP when it opens up to shoot gears, after which you must throw the Whole Cream Pies at his upper body, knocking him backwards. You can also throw the pies into Toons to heal 1 Laff point. To throw Whole Cream Pies, you must either click (and hold) the gag's icon on the top of the screen or hit the Delete key. Once the VP falls off the edge, you get your promotion and the caged SOS comes free. After rescuing the SOS, you will be sent to Daisy Gardens with the SOS card.

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End of the Battle

Once the Whole Cream Pies knock him back far enough, he will fall off Sellbot Towers. His fate is unknown.

SOS Toons

Main page: SOS Toons
Toon Rarity Ability Gag Track Gag Statistics
Madam Chuckle ★★★ Heal Toon-Up Juggling Balls 1 Toon = +45 Laff
2 Toons = +24 Laff
3 Toons = +15 Laff
4 Toons = +11 Laff
Daffy Don ★★★★ Heal Toon-Up Juggling Balls 1 Toon = +70 Laff
2 Toons = +45 Laff
3 Toons = +23 Laff
4 Toons = +18 Laff
Flippy ★★★★★ Heal Toon-Up Juggling Balls 1 Toon = +124 Laff
2 Toons = +68 Laff
3 Toons = +41 Laff
4 Toons = +31 Laff
Clerk Will ★★★ Attack Trap Trapdoor Deals 50 damage to all Cogs
Clerk Penny ★★★★ Attack Trap Trapdoor Deals 70 damage to all Cogs
Clerk Clara ★★★★★ Attack Trap Trapdoor Deals 180 damage to all Cogs
Nancy Gas ★★★ Hypnotize Lure Hypno Goggles Lures all Cogs for 3 rounds
Stinky Ned ★★★ Hypnotize Lure Hypno Goggles Lures all Cogs for 3 rounds
Lil Oldman ★★★★★ Hypnotize Lure Hypno Goggles Lures all Cogs for 7 rounds
Barbara Seville ★★★ Attack Sound Foghorn Deals 40 damage to all Cogs
Sid Sonata ★★★★ Attack Sound Foghorn Deals 50 damage to all Cogs
Moe Zart ★★★★★ Attack Sound Foghorn Deals 80 damage to all Cogs
Clumsy Ned ★★★ Attack Drop Grand Piano Deals 60 damage to all unlured Cogs
Franz Neckvein ★★★★ Attack Drop Grand Piano Deals 100 damage to all unlured Cogs
Barnacle Bessie ★★★★★ Attack Drop Grand Piano Deals 170 damage to all unlured Cogs
Professor Guffaw ★★★★ Restock Toon-Up -- Restocks Toon-Up gags for all Toons
Doctor Drift ★★★★ Restock Lure -- Restocks Lure gags for all Toons
Clerk Ray ★★★ Restock Trap -- Restocks Trap gags for all Toons
Melody Wavers ★★★ Restock Sound -- Restocks Sound gags for all Toons
Baker Bridget ★★★ Restock Throw -- Restocks Throw gags for all Toons
Sofie Squirt ★★★ Restock Squirt -- Restocks Squirt gags for all Toons
Shelly Seaweed ★★★ Restock Drop -- Restocks Drop gags for all Toons
Professor Pete ★★★★★ Restock All -- Restocks every gag track for all Toons
Soggy Nell ★★★★ Toons Hit -- -- Gives perfect accuracy to any gag for all Toons
(except for the user) for the round
Sticky Lou ★★★★ Toons Hit -- -- Gives perfect accuracy to any gag for all Toons
(except for the user) for the round
Soggy Bottom ★★★★ Toons Hit -- -- Gives perfect accuracy to any gag for all Toons
(except for the user) for the round
Flim Flam ★★★★ Cogs Miss -- -- Allows all Toons to dodge any cog attacks for one round
Mr. Freeze ★★★★ Cogs Miss -- -- Allows all Toons to dodge any cog attacks for one round
Julius Wheezer ★★★★ Cogs Miss -- -- Allows all Toons to dodge any cog attacks for one round


A Senior Vice President of Sales is responsible for establishing the sales targets to meet the company objectives.


  • He was first seen in the Toontown Rewritten pre-beta preview videos, the second focusing solely on his battle.
  • Toons commonly say that they'll 'go in a V.P.' although this is grammatically incorrect and is the Vice President (V.P.) battle that they'll really go in.
  • When the Vice President is idle, he starts off stationary, but after he jumps he begins to move forward very slowly. Every time he jumps he speeds up.
    • Once he is stunned, he will become stationary once again.
  • The Vice President and the Director of Ambush Marketing are the only bosses without "Chief" in their names.
  • The Vice President has two faces, most likely as a reference to the "Two-Face," supported by the fact that one side of his face is smiling whereas the other is frowning. The Chief Executive Officer also has two faces.
  • It is unknown where he goes after he falls off of the Sellbot Towers, however, it is assumed that the Vice President's fall when you defeat him caused the giant ditch in the Sellbot Headquarters courtyard.
  • The Vice President looks similar to a Skelecog, but is most likely not one.
  • If there are no Toons in the Vice President's range, he will jump nonstop until a Toon comes into his range.
  • The Vice President is the only Cog boss who does not say something when he is defeated.
  • It's the only boss fight that Toons don't get undisguised in the elevator, but outside, on their battle positions.
  • Before an update, If the Vice President was stunned and a Toon ran into him, he could become unstunned and attempt to swipe at that Toon.
  • The Vice President battle is the only battle where the NPC is randomized.
  • The Vice President battle and the Chief Executive Officer battle both consists of two turn-based combat rounds. The Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Justice both consist of one.
  • The Vice President battle is the only battle that consists of one battle of Cogs and the other with Skelecogs.
  • A level 0 Cold Caller can occasionally be seen when the Vice President is promoting the Cogs.
  • The Vice President battle is the only boss battle that is fought outside.
  • The Vice President is the only boss cog that does not figure out by himself that the Cogs that arrive are actually Toons in disguises. The SOS Toon accidentally lets him know by saying, "Did you Toons come to rescue me?".
  • SOS Shopping is the form of which a Toon leaves if the SOS card is not good.
    • This is more commonly seen if Toons have a higher Cog suit.
  • This boss battle is the only boss battle where the reward is revealed at the very beginning, although some people may be able to work out the amount of pink slips they will get at the end of a CEO by either looking at the levels of the groups cog suits and/or looking at what types of cogs and how many cogs there are that are sitting at the tables in the banquet round. The CFO and CJ rewards are completely random and are not known until the end or after the end of the battle.


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