Version 2.0 Flunky
Version 2.0 Cogs
Basic information
Type: Varies
Lowest level: 1
Highest level: 12
"The Version 2.0 Cogs become Skelecogs upon destruction due to their improved suit lining. It's like the polyester of metal! Unlike polyester, these suits can take a fair beating."
Doctor Surlee[src]

Version 2.0 Cogs, also known as v2.0 Cogs, are Cogs that consist of an outer suit and a Skelecog. Upon destruction of the outer suit, which resembles a typical Cog, the Skelecog will appear to take its place and continue the battle. The Cog is permanently defeated once the outer suit and Skelecog forms are obliterated. They are commonly found within the Cog Golf Courses and the Bossbot Clubhouse.

Earning pieces of the Bossbot disguise requires repeated tasks of defeating a v2.0 Cog, typically accomplished at the Cog Golf Course.

If Toons take out the first layer (outer suit) in one turn, the underlying Skelecog will not attack immediately in the way a typical damaged cog would do. Rather, the Skelecog will be stunned until the next turn, giving Toons a chance to attack it first.


Health of Version 2.0 Cogs

The overall health of a v2.0 Cog consists of two equal parts: the outer suit and the underlying Skelecog. So a Level 12 Cog of this type will have 200 health for its outer suit, and another 200 health for its underlying Skelecog, for total health of 400 points.

Level Total health points
1 v2.0 12
2 v2.0 24
3 v2.0 40
4 v2.0 60
5 v2.0 84
6 v2.0 112
7 v2.0 144
8 v2.0 180
9 v2.0 220
10 v2.0 264
11 v2.0 312
12 v2.0 400

Carry-over Damage

Carry-over damage is a battle dynamic that only comes into play when Toons are fighting a Version 2.0 Cog.

At first, it might seem that any excess damage Toons inflict on the outer suit of a Version 2.0 Cog would simply transfer to the underlying Skelecog. That is not how carry-over damage actually works. Instead, the game applies each attack or damage separately and completely to the outer suit and only carries over any separate attacks that come after the outer suit has received enough damage to be completely depleted.

Examples of How Carry-over Damage Works

The damage from each individual gag attack used on a Version 2.0 Cog is fully applied to the outer suit layer until that layer is reduced to zero health. For example:

  • Suppose two Toons are facing a fresh Version 2.0 Cog that is Level 12, with 200 health for its outer suit. If the Toons both drop fully maxed Grand Piano Gags on that Cog, the first piano's attack of -170 will reduce the Cog's outer-suit health to 30. Then (immediately after the first piano) the second piano will reduce its health to zero. Note the second piano's "extra" -140 damage points are simply lost and will not carry over to the Skelecog. However, this scenario will produce bonus damage points from the Toons using two pianos together, and that is applied in the game as if it were a separate (third) attack. So the amount of that combo bonus would be carry-over damage and deduct from the Skelecog's health.
  • Likewise, if two Toons throw birthday cakes at a fresh Version 2.0 Cog with 200 health, each cake dealing -100 damage, then the Cog's outer-suit health is depleted to zero from those two hits. Any additional power from those individual gags themselves (such as an extra 10 damage points if one Toon had used an organic birthday cake) would be treated as part of the initial attack and would not carry over to the Skelecog. However, any Lure bonus or combo damage bonus is applied in the game as if it came third in the sequence -- as if it were a separate attack. Any separate attack inflicted after the suit layer has been depleted will carry over to the underlying Skelecog -- regardless of whether that separate attack comes in the form of the bonus damage being applied, or from a third Toon also using a gag against the cog in that same turn.

In summary, any gag attack that hits the outer-suit layer of a Version 2.0 Cog while it still has any health remaining (after deducting the damage from previous hits on that turn) will not deal any carry-over damage to the underlying Skelecog. Only an attack that hits the Cog when it has zero health remaining will affect the Skelecog -- whether that attack comes from another Toon's gag, from lure bonus damage, or from gag combo bonus damage.


  • Doctor Surlee issued an emergency memo to Toon Headquarters on May 26, 2014, warning all Toons about Version 2.0 Cogs while traveling with Lord Lowden Clear and several members of the Toon Resistance to storm Sellbot Headquarters. This was when Version 2.0 Cogs invaded Toontown for the very first time.
  • Inside the Bossbot Clubhouse at Bossbot Headquarters, all Cogs are Version 2.0, while the Cog Golf Courses typically have one or two per battle. When fighting the Club President at the end, however, there are three Version 2.0 Cogs.
  • Shep Ahoy likes to describe these Cogs as "treacherous Bossbots".
  • Using a pink slip ejects both the Version 2.0 Cog's suit and Skelecog form.
  • When the outer suit of a Version 2.0 Cog is defeated, the remaining Skelecog takes any extra damage only when multiple Toons use the same gags all at once.
  • Due to a visual bug, the Cog sometimes disappears when malfunctioning and exploding if, while it is still in its suit, it is ejected with a pink slip or sustains enough damage to also destroy its Skelecog at the same time.
  • Version 2.0 Cold Callers invade Toontown with an annual Mega-Invasion during the Twelve Days of Winter.
  • Defeating the outer suit of a Version 2.0 Bossbot is the only way to see a Bossbot Skelecog outside of Skelecog Mega-Invasions.


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