Version 2.0 Cog
Basic information
Type: Varies
Lowest level: 1
Highest level: 12

Version 2.0 Cogs (abbreviated as v2.0 Cogs) are Cogs that consist of a suit and a Skelecog. Upon destruction, a Skelecog will take its place and continue the battle. Skelecogs behave like normal Cogs and have the same stats as the outer shell before the suit they were wearing, but are permanently defeated once they explode.


v2.0 Cog Health Guide

Level Total Health Points
1 v2.0 12
2 v2.0 24
3 v2.0 40
4 v2.0 60
5 v2.0 84
6 v2.0 112
7 v2.0 144
8 v2.0 180
9 v2.0 220
10 v2.0 264
11 v2.0 312
12 v2.0 400


  • Doctor Surlee, Lord Lowden Clear and several Resistance Toons discovered these Cogs during an investigation in Sellbot Headquarters.
  • In Toontown Online, v2.0 Cogs were exclusive to Bossbots found only in the Cog Golf Courses and the Chief Executive Officer boss battle.
  • Shep Ahoy likes to describe these Cogs as treacherous Bossbots.
  • Using a pink slip will destroy both the Suit and the Skelecog.
  • Inside the Bossbot Clubhouse at Bossbot Headquarters, all Cogs are v2.0, while the golf courses have 1 or 2 per battle. When fighting the Club President, however, there are 3 v2.0 Cogs.
  • When a v2.0 Cog is defeated, the Skelecog takes the extra damage only when multiple Toons use the same gags all at once.
  • Due to a visual bug, the Cog disappears when malfunctioning and exploding if, while it is still in its Suit, it sustains enough damage to also destroy its Skelecog at the same time.


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