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    ...Alright, minus from obvious exaggeration, I'm currently a Level 19 Mr. Hollywood (Usually called Hollys), which, while that doesn't sound that impressive, does show I know what I need to do against the Senior VP!

    NOTE: Senior Vice President is the Vice President's in-game name, it isn't some "Hard mode" so don't worry.

    Fun fact, as soon as you finish the Toontorial, you could technically go to Sellbot HQ and get your Cog Parts, meaning that in theory, if 15 Laffer gets carried throughout their factory runs, they can fight a VP with only level one gags.

    While that's just hyperbolic, there are some "Low" Toons for the VP, minus Laff (Due to Sellbot Ubers) and here are my recommendations for the VP.

    I'd say level four, Level four is when you ha…

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