• Toontownloony


    Arrrgh, some people just dont have feelings for soundless.. Dont they?

    I've been soundless my whole toontown life and I dont get why some people just say- Sound only?

    Heck, someone told me that i'm "​The first soundless I ever saw on Toontown Rewritten"

    Being soundless isnt hard, your just the odd-toon out.

    Drop AND Trap? (or Toonup AND Lure!?!?!?)


    Trap isnt the problem here, you might need a partner with you to lure but all you need to do is throw the gag at the cog and then get someone to lure it for you. It will take a while but trust me, you'll get there.


    Drop is a bit tricky, but easy to use when your group is sounding or doing damage that isnt enough to K.O. a cog, due to Drop's high damage, it can help for almost about an…

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