Toonling Toonling 31 December 2014

Resolution to "Your installation files are outed" on Toontown Rewritten OSX.

Hey! There has recently been an issue causing Mac users to experience issues with the game. 

The cause of the error "Your installation files are outdated" is simply because the TTRGame.bin does not want to update itself automatically.

The instructions below have been reported to resolve the issue:

1) Click here to download the updated TTRGame.bin file (hosted by Mediafire).
2) Open 'Finder' and press the 'GO' button on the menu bar.
3) Click 'Go To Folder' when the dropdown list appears; then navigate to the following:
~/Library/Application Support/Toontown Rewritten
4) Drag the downloaded TTRGame.bin file into the Toontown Rewritten folder (which just opened) and make sure to REPLACE the file.

Hopefully now Toontown Rewritten will now load on your …

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Toonling Toonling 21 August 2014

Release or Open-Beta?

Is Toontown Rewritten going to be released or enter Open-Beta?

I think it is Open-Beta, but I am not too sure??

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