Posted By: Prof. Chester

Ever since Slappy was captured by a Yesman on that fateful day, Presidental's Elections "Doomsday" on April 19, 2014 during the Alpha Testing. Slappy can change toons into white bears during Christmas, (Polar Bears) while Flippy, his rival, can change toons into black cats for Halloween. Even though Slappy and Flippy are rivals, they were real great pals.During Christmas 2014, Slappy hosted "The Great Snowball Fight" during a 'Blizzard Dilemma' caused by a Lil Oldman. Rumors stated that Slappy may be under the mysterious "Cloud" on the Shticker Book Map. However, most people think that the "Cloud" was a scrapped Playground called "Funny Farm". Even though you can go into files and remove the "Cloud", all that shows are some hills and nothing special. However, it's still unclear why "Donald's Dreamland" has only 2 streets, unlike the other Playgrounds that has 3 streets. Please write down your comments about this HUGE AND LONG theory I think about Slappy.

Regards, Prof. Chester (20 laff,Orange,Short,Average Body,Rabbit.)

(Btw Dr. Surlee is a MONKEY)

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