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  • I am Light Blue Duck
  • Mateuszguzy1023

    Another blog, from your favourite light blue duck, MrSmartyPants. And now we are getting serious guys. Toontown Rewritten did a post about " Silly Spotlight ", it just tells us some secrets or facts about that character, It has nothing related to the game. Coincidence? Illuminati is confirmed- No , I won't do that joke again. But lets be serious. Why would they tell us this?

    To get us thinking. Thinking about the character they did the " Silly Spotlight " for. They want us to forget about everything else, by telling us all of these secrets and facts, so we don't worry about doodles and golfing.

    Have I told you the answer? Yes, TTR is MAYBE releasing doodles. Very soon. Maybe doodles will be a christmas gift from them. Any ideas? Do you agree w…

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  • Mateuszguzy1023

    Loads of toons are excited for doodles, Flippy lost his doodle on Toonfest Grounds and it is possible that he will come back with more doodles, what do you think? Have any theories? First blog post, I bet I totally messed this up. 

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