Do you have a question, suggestion, bug report, or want to apply for a position on Toontown Rewritten's staff team, but have no idea how to contact Toontown Rewritten?

Option #1: Email

To send Toontown Rewritten an email, simply go to your email program, type up a message, and send it to
Or, if your email is connected to your browser, simply click the link above and then type out your message.

Option #2: The IRC Support Room

To send in a message via the support room, go to and enter a username and "#ttrsupport" in the Channel box. Once you enter, you are placed in a line. Once you reach the front of the line, a staff member will message you, where you can live chat your problem

Other Ways to Contact


Go to and enter "#toontownrewritten" into the channel box. Here you can message any staff member by clicking their name on the right hand side on the window. (Note: Their name will have a green "@" next to it.

Who should I contact in the IRC?

  • Windows Support - Harv
  • OS X Support - Anth, jjkoletar
  • Maitnence and Server Error Questions - jjkoletar, cfsworks, Harv
  • Applying for a job - Joey19982
  • General questions about the game - Any Staff Member
  • IRC Questions - Scootz, John, Hawkheart, Harv
  • Music Questions - Cool Peaches
  • Art and Design Questions - Boo Boo, June, Roger Dog, Speedway Master, Slate
  • Translation Questions - shnuzter, Goshi, Alpha Centauri/Andro Centrauri
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