This page was created to stop the spam of "I want a beta key" comments on pages. Please read this page to understand how you can get one, or any other aspects you may not understand.

How Can I Get A Beta Key?

Beta Keys in the past have been released through contests from the TTR website. Currently, I do not believe any more contests will be held by TTR, since Beta is coming to an end. However, many people are hosting their own contests to give away the beta keys that they have recieved. To find them, you need to search Youtube, or view MMO Central Forums to find lots of contests there.

Can the Wiki give me a key?

As much as we'd like to, we unfortunatly can not. A few months ago, the wiki's founder TheGhostWalker asked Joey19982 if the wiki could hold a contest to release beta keys in the future. Joey19982 replied saying that TTR plans to hold the rest of the contests, so no outside websites will get any this round. So unless someone comes on here saying "I have a beta key to give away!", don't bother asking. We'll just say "No".

PlayTime/PlayLine users can recieve keys. How?

When using Playline/PlayTime, you do have the ability to recieve key. Once you progress your toon up to Daisy Gardens, then you'll have the ability to recieve a beta key task. If you don't find one immediatly, keep progressing. Beta Key Tasks appear any time after you start Daisy Gardens. Warning: Don't Quote Me On This If you complete Daisy Gardens without recieving your key task, you should still be able to get them throughout Minnie's Melodyland and up.

I have a beta key, can I still get a key task at Daisy Gardens?

Many users that shared Alpha accounts played on their shared beta account. When one reached Daisy Gardens, they'd get a key task, then go create their own account, then get another on their new account. If a PlayLine/PlayTime user gets a beta key, and then use it to their current account, then they will not be able to recieve another key. If they create another account with the key, there is a possiblility to get another one. I'm not for certain if Beta Key holders can get beta key tasks.

Im a PlayLine/PlayTime user and just got a key. Do I have to restart my toon?

Think of a beta key as a membership. You could start out as a non-member, level up an finish TTC. Then, when you bought a membership, you could continue on to Donald's Dock. It's the same way with TTR, except once you get a key, it never expires.

Can I buy a key from TTR or someone with one?

Buying keys is strictly against the rules of TTR. After personally speaking with John, a moderator for TTR, he said that if someone is caught buying and/or selling a key, they will be banned from TTR Beta and possibly a little into Public. John also said that selling a key is technically making a profit off TTR, and that could cause legal issues... even if TTR wasn't the one doing it.

If I comment "I want a beta key, Give me a beta key, I wish TTR would open already, or anything that is just spam," what will happen?

The comment will be deleted soon after.

When will TTR be open?

There is no definite release date, but one can speculate. If you factor in the Beta will be over after every aspect has been released, then you can find the release time. CEO, Doodles, Gardening, Cattelog, DA Office, Cog Golf Courses, Golf Courses, Grand Prix, Daily Events (Trolley Tracks, Bingo, etc.), and maybe even test competitions (Fishing contest, racing contest, etc).

Joey19982 himself said that CEO is done. They could release it, but they want to keep everyone interested. I know Golfing has been worked on and is almost done. Grand Prix is pretty must done. Cog Golf courses should be pretty simple to release alongside the CEO. So once everything is done, they can open TTR. I'd project the release day anywhere from Late July - Late August.

What if I want to ignore these answers and keep spamming pages asking for keys?

Then you'll be banned.

Will beta toons be sent over to Open?

No. It will be the same process as the Alpha to Beta switch. They are going to wipe all toons completely. However, accounts will still exist. You don't have to recreate your account.

What If I have a question that you didn't answer on here?

Ask in the comments! I'll update this with answer so people in the future can use this blog to solve their problems.
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