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  • Manulik

    After a long wait, we have finally reached OMG!Con 2016! Over the next three days, there will be many exiciting events and announcements, and as they happen, this page will be updated to include all of the important stuff that YOU need to  hear. A real world ToonFest only comes once a year, so let's be sure to make the most of it!

    This page will be updated with all info revealed in the panels as I receive the data. Please be patient if some information has not been added.

    • The Toontown Rewritten Staff begin traveling to Owensboro, Kentucky.

    • The Toontown Rewritten Staff individually arrive at OMG!Con to begin setting up.
    • The Toontown Post Card is revealed.

    • The NEW Trading Cards are revealed: "Flippy, Doctor Surlee, and the Robber Baron."
    • All Toons…

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  • Manulik

    OMG!Con 2016 TTR Team

    February 15, 2016 by Manulik

    As you probably know, Toontown Rewritten will be setting up a panel at OMG!Con 2016. Here, they will discuss the past, present, and future of Toontown Rewritten, making announcements and explaining certain features. However, many people want to go to meet the staff. Here is a list of the staff that have announced they will be attending OMG!Con 2016.

    • Joey
    • jjkoletar
    • Austinalien
    • Phantom
    • Lukewarm74
    • MrsLukewarm
    • Scootz
    • Shockley
    • TheRandomDog

    There will be more, but this is all who I have found so far. I will update the list as I am informed.

    Some of the above information may be inaccurate

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  • Manulik

    Coming Soon!

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  • Manulik

    Operation: Storm Sellbot HQ has officially begun!

    Continue below for everything you need to know!

    Dates & Times

    When will it be held?
    The Storm will begin July 31, 2015 and end August 30, 2015. No official time has been released, but it can be assumed it will begin and end at 2:00 PM Toontown Time.
    UPDATE: Confirmed by a staff member, the Storm will begin around update time (usually 2PM Toontown Time).
    UPDATE 2: Due to the Movers & Shakers Mega-Invasion setting us back, Goofenshmirtz announced that the Storm will end on August 21th.
    UPDATE 3: With thousands of Cogs defeated and millions of pies thrown, Flippy announced that the Storm will be extended to last until August 30th for Lord Lowden Clear and the Resistance Rangers to offer brand new missions.…

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  • Manulik

    As you know, tomorrow on February 1st, Toontown Rewritten will be releasing tons of user suggested updates into the game to help make the game even more fun. These will be some of the first user suggested updates to be released in Open-Beta. Now enough background, let's get started!

    Posted by Shockley on January 28, 2015 02:00 PM

    Currently, there are 24 colors available in Toontown. Those 24 cover the basic colors, as well as a few darker or lighter versions. These 10 will be more of exotic colors, rather than normal natural colors. In the news post picture, you can see four different toons, all different colors. Shockley, of course is black, but what is more interesting are the three toons behind him. On the left, we see a grayish-blue bear. T…

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