• Golden Shadow Freddy

    So, I've decided to become active on this wiki. I'm mostly going to be doing basic clean-up, such as spelling and grammar correction. 

    I was a 110 Laff citrine rabbit named Master Chipper. I was Toon-upless, had a Doodle named Cobra, and was a Level 24 Mr. Hollywood, a Level 11 Loan Shark, a Level 7 Double Talker, and a Level 4 Pencil Pusher. I was saddened by Toontown Online closing, but sure enough Toontown Rewritten came. I have a Beta key and I'll see if I can get some screenshots for this wiki.

    So, there's my introduction, I'm not very likely to hang around the blogs, I just like to clean up the articles.

    Toons of the World, Unite!

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