• Dynaboom

    Original tutorial:!

    Toontown Hall/The Gaming Hall will close by September 1, 2014.

    We don't really have that much time to create this tutorial before the forum closes.

    Archiving a forum with the Wayback Machine seems morally questionable, but I recommend you save a copy of the webpage to your computer so that even if your computer (or the forum) is cut off from the internet, you can still see the page.

    Let's make this our own. Instead of looking at accessories from Toontown Online, let's focus on something uniquely Toontown Rewritten. I (Dynaboom) suggest using the Camera Bots from…

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  • Dynaboom

    Panic Room

    May 11, 2014 by Dynaboom

    That's door is really tough, but I put 5 locks on it just to be safe.

    This concrete room is nicer than you'd think. Sometimes I need a quiet place to unwind. This'll do for now.

    Well, it used to be kinda. The chimney has been sealed off. Now it's just a removable metallic cage thing. Perfect thing to store hot stuff behind. It could also be useful for the great robot war of 2015. ...Don't ask.

    If you would have asked earlier, I could have gotten you one. But I already drank half the bottle. I know it looks like the same glass bottle as the one I had from May 2014, but it's not. I grab a new one just about every time I come down here.

    The first 8 binary digits can now be translated into text.  (By hand, or with the online Binary to Text (ASCII)…

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