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The credits currently up on the page now with just the pictures and practically no plain text look nice, but I think it's also important to have the source pictures from the Phase Files and copy-paste-able versions of it somewhere on the Wiki. Thanks to Manulik for letting me keep up those older versions as long as he did. :)

Although the credits in the Phase Files change over time, this Blog Post is meant to show what it looked like at the end of Toontown Rewritten Alpha Testing and the Toon Council Presidential Elections/Doomsday Ambush Marketing (April 19, 2014).

Not all the wikitext here was put together by me. I think I remember Manulik and X Jumper having pretty big hands in it.

Some of those Phase File pictures had some cool metadata and filenames. Flippy Cheezer's picture was called "03-4-19 themoldermaker.jpg" and the metadata in Muddy Paws' picture (the Mac Support guy) says the "Software used" was "Adobe Photoshop CC (Macintosh)".


After the election ended, the camera zoomed into a portal and showed the credits. The credits included all the contributors to the Ceremony and what their purpose in the team is. When the credits finished, a message would come up on the screen telling you that the game was now closed until Beta. Several of the developers had silly captions mostly related to blog posts published by them. (For example, Hawkheart was listed as the Fish Bingo Controller. This is a direct reference to the blog post The Tale of the Fish Bingo Controller).

All the credits can be seen at the end of the election livestream around 3:04:09.

Toontown Rewritten Credits
Credits Roll

Shockley Credits
Sir Max Credits
McQuack Credits
Hawkheart Credits
Fat McStink Credits
Hamlet Credits
Muddy Paws Credits
Goshi Credits
J.C. Credits
Capt. Sandy Credits
Boo Boo Credits
Slate Credits
Joyful Roxy Credits
Too Many Secrets Credits
Roger Dog Credits
Flippy Cheezer Credits
Scooter Credits
Joshsora Credits
Cool Peaches Credits
Jethred Credits
Disney Online Credits
VR Studio Credits
Jaymo Credits
Alpha Tester Credits

Credits (Text)

Lead Developer
Network Technician
Game Systems Engineer

Sir Max
Team Lead
Community Manager

Expert of Explosives

Fish Bingo Controller

Fat McStink
Ultimate Party King
Server Administrator

Server Technology Engineer

Muddy Paws
Expert Cake Baker
Mac Support

Self-Proclaimed Police
Support Manager

Champion Chatterbox
Moral Support

Capt. Sandy
Lead Art Director
Graphic Designer
Concept Artist

Boo Boo
Novice Painter
Texture Artist

Fashion Expert
Texture Artist

Joyful Roxy
Hyperactive Jellybean
Texture Artist

Too Many Secrets
Many Secret Things

Roger Dog
Roger Dog
3D Modeler

Flippy Cheezer
The Speedway Master
3D Modeler
Character Rigger

Skinny Scooter Wackytoon
Puzzle Piecer
Arg Organizer

Infinite Patience
Former 3D Modeler

Cool Peaches
Lead Composer
Election Orchestrator

Theme Song Composer

Disney Online
The owners and creators of Toontown.

VR Studio
For developing Toontown Online.

For his continued efforts to bring Toontown back.

Alpha Tester
Doomsday Survivor

Credits (Photo Gallery)

All of the pictures in this gallery that weren't already in a blog post, were extracted from the Toontown Rewritten Phase Files, as they were in June 5, 2014. To be more specific, they were extracted from phase_4\maps\news.

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