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A runaway Toon seems to have had slipped on a banana peel while racing and caused a bit of a ruckus! Luckily, there is probably some form of edit tool that can clean things up. Remember to avoid plagiarism when editing.

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Original tutorial:!

Toontown Hall/The Gaming Hall will close by September 1, 2014.

We don't really have that much time to create this tutorial before the forum closes.

Archiving a forum with the Wayback Machine seems morally questionable, but I recommend you save a copy of the webpage to your computer so that even if your computer (or the forum) is cut off from the internet, you can still see the page.

Let's make this our own. Instead of looking at accessories from Toontown Online, let's focus on something uniquely Toontown Rewritten. I (Dynaboom) suggest using the Camera Bots from the Toon Council Presidential Elections (in Phase_4). Or maybe Slappy's Hot Air Balloon because it was mentioned in one of the messages from the 26th.

It would be cool to have all original pictures. And have average download times for the tools. (I imagined downloading Panda3D would take all day, so it took me AGES to actually start downloading. It didn't take that long.)

To get the best resources for our Wiki, we might need to dig into the Phase Files. Sometimes to get the game's music. Sometimes to get pictures.

This was originally going to be a page, but it was deleted. Apparently this needs to be a Blog Post. Kinda hurts what I said about us working together before the source is burned in a fire, but we could make do. I don't have what I originally said on that page though, so I hope I didn't forget to say anything TOO Important... Hopefully the Administraters have time to work on this (because I don't).

We also need to give the people at The Gaming Hall (formerly Toontown Hall) some credit for the original too. Maybe "Attribution"?

The following content uses material from a different wiki. As such, it is necessary to provide attribution to the original authors of that wiki for all the written information and/or images that is used on this page. For more information, see Licensing.
This attribution goes to: [wiki name] for the content that was used from [content]. The content used from the page was [content].

Ah, that doesn't look right... Looks like it defaults to talking about the Gag Page.

This was originally posted on the Toontown Hall Forums on 08-09-2011, 11:33:49 AM by Brandoom. The thread was called "How to look at Toontown's Phase Files!" Last edited by Brandoom; 08-09-2011 at 12:42:54 PM. Reason: Added screenshots

There are/were also 2 notes at the bottom of the page:

Getting to Command Prompt (per request by Super Chester Crunchygadget)

Start Menu>Accessories>Command Prompt.

How to do this on Mac (courtesy of zadarmo3):

For Mac and Linux users - instead of multify.exe use multify also I don't think you need to enter Panda3D directory and copy multify to be able to use multify, but anyway for Mac it should be in Applications folder.
Also, for Mac and Linux it's called Terminal so Mac users should use Finder to find it, 'cause it proibably isn't on your dock.

Also, on the version I (Dynaboom) have saved on my computer, there's a link that used to link to the page on the actual site. Now it leads to and the Webpage is not available.


Thought it was super important for the first version of this Blog to have that info about the original tutorial.

Hopefully this project will be complete before the original is lost to time.

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