Hello, world! This is a place for any computer programs I publicly release that are related to or beneficial to the Toontown Rewritten Wiki.

Be sure to ask your parents' permission before using these! Or if you're a parent, you can give yourself permission. Whatever. Use at your own risk!

Ah, my beautiful canvas and messy palette all rolled into one.

To make the programs, I used Notepad, Panda3D 1.8.1, and the version of Python that came with it, Python 2.7.3.

You will likely need Phase Files to get these programs up and running. You can either download Toontown Rewritten's launcher and Phase Files from their website,, or you can try to find the older Phase Files from Disney's Toontown Online (2003-2013).

Instructions on how to unpack the Phase Files can be found on an archive of an old defunct forum thread, "How to look at Toontown's Phase Files!" from The Gaming Hall. Or you could look at the phase files page on this Wiki.

According to the TTR Terms of Service, no one knows you're not a Toon on the internet. That's a small part of why I won't be sharing any personally identifiable information here, like names, phone numbers, city of residence... None of my programs above require that info anyway. :P Anything like that or comments below requesting it will likely be either deleted or REDACTED.

I may release more programs in the future.

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