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  • I was born on December 29
  • My occupation is Toontown Rewritten :3
  • I am Female

My main Toon, Meow Queen Serenity.

Hi, fellow Toons! It's Meow Queen Serenity, AKA X0oAbbyCato0X. I run lots of Toons on TTR. I am 11 years old, and, as you see, I am a HUGE fan of ToonTown Rewritten. If you don't know what my Toons' names mean, I'll tell you-

  1. Meow Queen Serenity - This name is based off of the one and only- Neo Queen Serenity! (From Sailor Moon, the best anime and manga ever.) I twisted the name though, and added a pun. 'Meow' is replacing 'Neo' because MQS is a cat, obviously, and I love Sailor Moon. Yep.
  2. Gloom - Sadness, Fear, Anxiety, Depression - She's a Black Cat after all! I get depressed sometimes, so whenever I'm feeling 'Gloomy' (get it?) I'll play her. Or just to show off her being as a Black Cat.
  3. Aesthetic Rainbow - I love aesthetics, and, well, this Toon is wearing LOTS and LOTS of rainbow things, so why not name her a rainbow name?
  4. Shirayuki - I literally love Snow White with the Red Hair and I'm super surprised they accepted the name. XD.
  5. Dark Angel - Black Cats are like, dark. DARK. so I made a 'dark' angel. uwu

My Toons

  • Meow Queen Serenity (107 Laff, Trapless, ToonFest Pink) {main}
  • Shirayuki (18 Laff, Crimson Cat)
  • Dark Angel (18 Laff, Black Cat)
  • These are the Toons I am currently working on and/or maxing.

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