The mingler

Greetings! I'm X-Machinist-X and I'm just a casual player who enjoys videogames. Playing Toontown Rewritten thanks to a friend of mine, after losing the opportunity of playing the original Toontown Online as a kid. :) I'm just here to comment on the Wiki pages and modify the content, if necessary. Quite rarely, by the way.

My Cogs

No longer play the servers, except to see the Minglers. Also, all my toons have gone sad and got a job. :(

CogTasks For the LOLs

My favorite pages

  • The Mingler - Absolutely my most favorite Cog ever!
  • Cogs - The concept of the Cogs as businessmen is brilliant, in my opinion. I like every single one in an equal way.
  • Skelecogs - Idem here!
  • Mega-Invasion - Truly interesting events, useful for training gags.
  • Gags - Page contains useful information regarding these "weapons".
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