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Loony's Gags

Heya. I'm known around here as "Loonatic" & I know a little bit too much of Toontown. Unfortunately, my toons were terminated from Toontown Rewritten in June of 2016, so you can't catch me in-game. Nonetheless, I've spent hundreds if not thousands of hours observing how Toontown runs at a technical level.

[Outdated] My Toons

  • Loony
  • Doctor Loony
  • Loonooy

My Toon's Missing Tracks

  • Loony - Soundless
  • Doctor Loony - Dropless
  • Loonooy - Future Toonupless

My Toons Task Location

  • Loony - Donalds Dreamland - In the middle of Cashbot Suit Parts
  • Doctor Loony - The Brrrgh
  • Loonooy - Toontown Central