aka Michael

  • I live in inside my laptop
  • I was born on April 24
  • My occupation is Cog Crusher
  • I am Male

About Me

Coming soon....


  • Yippie Crinklepretzel (rabbit) 
  • Rocco (dog)
  • Von Wildcorn (duck)
  • Salty Sourbee (bear)
  • Meatball Mouse (mouse)
  • Lucky Lucas (pig)
  • Mr. Snow Miser (polar bear)
  • Bagheera (black cat)
  • Immortal Ivan (dog)

Other Wiki's I Contribute To

  • Toontown Fanon Wiki (founder, semi-active)
  • Toontown Wiki (ex-rollback and chat moderator, inactive) 
  • Toontown Offline Wiki (founder, semi-active)
  • Toontown Fellowship Wiki (founder, inactive)
  • Toontown Apex Wiki (inactive)
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