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  • I live in United Kingdom
  • I was born on September 26
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

Info 'bout me.

106 Laff Steel Blue Cat
Pixie Dust Icon $10 Bill Icon Opera Singer Icon Wedding Cake Icon Geyser Icon Big Weight Icon
Organic track: Throw
Cog Disguises
The Mingler 9
Bean Counter 5
Bottom Feeder 1
Flunky 1
5/7 Trophies 56/70 Species
Gold Rod
0/4 Trophies 2/40 Species
Tin Shovel Shovel Medium Watering Can Watering Can
13/30 Trophies
0/30 Trophies Cruiser

So, I'm Toonsters, but you might know me as Jack or Blu. I'm currently slightly under leveled on my toon but we'll get to that in a little bit.

So, I'm Jack, here's a biography about my life. I am Jack, born in the United Kingdom (w00t) in the Early 2000's. As a Child named Jack S. (Censoring it out so nobody can stalk me / look up my info thanks.) It was a cold September 26th for the UK as I was born merely days after some of my greatest friends. For years I just kinda stuck to school and wotnot. Until Year 6. I was about to go to secondary school. The thought of homework scared me quite a bit and whatever, then I went, got kinda bullied, meh whatever. They were sad so they bullied me but I was fine so YEAH.

My Toontown Life

I joined Toontown way back in 2007, when I was around 4-5. I joined with a dog called Dr. Pickles, I think. But, due to not getting membership, I quit. I then joined back in 2008 where I made countless non-member toons to finish TTC and then delete them. I got bored of this in 2009 and quit once more. But, in 2010, an interest sparked and I made 1 toon. He was a light blue mouse. He was called... Prince Snuffy! I completed him and then began to look on YouTube for free membership (oh how dumb I was... v.v) and got viruses yaaaay. I gave up looking, I couldn't be bothered hacking so I just watched YouTubers and then, in 2011, my membership came, I got to around DG and then TTO closed the end.

BUT THEN, REWRITTEN CAME! I made a toon, he was called Blu, yes he was named after the Team Fortress 2 team, and I was a nerd. Then I kinda played and I'm still maxing him yay.

Personal Facts About Me

This user is male.

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