aka Kiera

  • I live in Maryland in the United States
  • I was born on May 26
  • I am Female
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Hello! My name is Kiera, but alternatively you can call me by my toon names- Lime, Daffodil, Polly, and Bee. I joined Toontown Online in October 2007. I do not have Alpha or Beta access.

My Toons


Lime, 104 Laff

Tall citrine cat


Little Daffodil Feathermonkey, 74 Laff

Short lavender monkey


Professor Polly Peppertoes, 16 Laff, Uber

Medium multicolored dog

(Yellow > Green > Royal Blue)

Salty Sourbee, 25 Laff

Short multicolored mouse

(Cream > Citrine > Lime Green)

Other Websites

  • Toonbook: Professor Polly Peppertoes (Tooniest)
  • MMO Central Forums: Tooniest
  • Chicken Smoothie: Ɑ Kurukuru D
  • See my custom-made cursors at!
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