Hello you wonderful profile stalker! Come here to learn a bit more about me eh? Alright... Just don't go past this line.


Aha! I see you've gone past that line back there! You horrible person... Oh well who cares.

General Information About Me

Hey, I'm TheGameAce. I'm a friendly guy who enjoys to mess around with people a ton, as well as give assistance to those in the online community that need help.

I have high hopes of being accepted as part of the Toontown Rewritten Support Team, and I've sent in an application for it :)

I'm a bit of a computer geek, and enjoy studying and talking about computer components, even if no one else understands an ounce about them. Not in any relationships as of yet. #ForeverAlone.

Heading off to college in a year to start on my degree in Information Technology.

17 years old, born May 22nd, 1998. Fun fact; Ash Ketchum's birthday is supposed to be May 22nd. I must be special eh?

Hit me up on Skype if you want to talk with me @gameace15.

General TTR Info

My character name is Prof. Electroquack on ToonTown Rewritten. Yellow duck wearing the Cog Crusher uniform and some basic sneakers, with 107 current laff, and wearing Aviators. Can't miss me when you see me...

Cog Disguises

  • Sellbot: Mr. Hollywood Level 22
  • Cashbot: Bean Counter Level 7
  • Lawbot: Blood Sucker Level 4
  • Bossbot: Only 1 disguise part so far.

Hobbies/Fun Things

My hobbies include computers, gaming, recording for YouTube, fishing, fish tanks, good books, Wiki Editing, and listening to fun music.

Speaking of some fun/awesome music.... Here you go: Pirates of the Caribbean, White and Nerdy.

Oh, and this one reflects how much of a grammar Nazi I can be. #WordCrimes

Other games that I'm interested in are PokeMMO, Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, FNaF, and Call of Duty.

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