aka Super Mouse

  • I live in the United Kingdom.
  • I was born on April 24
  • I am male.

About me

Hello! I am an active Toontown player and I enjoy playing the game often! I run a YouTube channel and Twitch channel and in my spare time, I love to edit, make videos and program things in Python. I also have a Twitter account which I sometimes post on. I hope to one day become a developer for Toontown Rewritten. Only time will tell.. If you ever want to talk on Discord, you can add me on Super Mouse#1633.

My toon

  • My toon's name is Super Mouse.
  • My Toon-ID is TTID-HBWR-TZSB
  • My toon was made in 2014.
  • My toon's colour is lavender with dark blue legs.
  • My toon's laff is 137.
  • My toon is dropless and has maxed gags.
  • My toon wears a blue flippy shirt, a prominent looking plastic crown, a wooden sword backpack, square glasses and patience-pays squirt shorts.
  • My toon's Sellbot suit is a level 50 Mr. Hollywood.
  • My toon's Cashbot suit is a level 50 Robber Baron.
  • My toon's Lawbot suit is a level 50 Big Wig.
  • My toon's Bossbot suit is a level 50 The Big Cheese.
  • My toon has a full cog gallery.
  • My toon has 70/70 fish.
  • My toon has 30/30 golfing trophies.
  • My toon has a maxed garden.
  • My toon has 30/30 racing trophies.
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