IRC GroupTracker pwn

That moment when GroupTracker sKills you.

Hi there! I'm Penguin-Pal, an editor in several wikis. I enjoy editing and, of course, playing TTR!
My toons are:

  • Jake, an aqua dog. Dropless, of course (lol and don't start preaching about the importance of drop, this isn't gonna work guys :P)! Still has Bossbot to max, though it's kinda hard to progress when your toon both hibernates and aestivates...
  • Dizzy, a cream cat. She is my main alt, who is (surprise surprise) trapless. Was very fun to train her with Jake, except for times when my internet went down and we both died. Ah, the power of nostalgia!
  • Leonardo, a red, short doggie. My second alt! And shockingly, SOUNDLESSs!!!!!! ...aaaaannd lureless. also, if i'm at it, he's also trapless. Yep, a 35-laffer (34 + 1 laff for funz ^^) who has tu, throw, squird and drop and is good in none of these gags! Well, his gags are pretty good (almost maxing :3) but i shouldn't get ahead of myself

Good stuff

Fun and stupid stuff to do in TTR:

  1. Telling some chicken road jokes while waiting for ppl to show up for a CFO.
  2. Standing below your drop gag tree and wait for the autumn.
  3. Wall glitch in a playground with a friend and make a running contest to nowhere.
  4. Go to a table as a raider in CEO, and say: "Got room for 2?".
  5. Go to a raging big cheese in CEO and say: "u mad bro?".
  6. Use a Pink Slip on the last cog in a CFO, and say something like "Baron, you're the weakest link, Goodbye!"
  7. Find a cog in the street and ask it if it's ever used the "My goon ate my memo" excuse at cog school.
  8. Remember the long tunnel with white light in the end your grandmother was talking about? Well, if you ever enounter one, step aside inb4 the Railroad gets you.
  9. Go sad by a Penny Pincher and see if you still get that penny for your gags.
  10. When doing fog count in a back 9, if two toons say "3" and the other says "1", say "3" as well (even if you have less) just to add to the confusion and make everyone wait for the first 10 seconds of the battle round, until someone has the dignity to select a gag.
  11. Here's a riddle: what lasts 3 floors, takes lots of running and takes lots of multitasking capabilities? Making coffee while doing a Back 9 in your desktop computer.
  12. When you jump in a cog golf course, is this really because you're afraid of the moles, or because you don't want them to know that you're wearing My Little Pony underwear?
  13. Use the "Laugh" emoticon with the Invisible Toon effect, but poke your tongue instead. We will show them who gets the last laugh >:)
  14. True fact: a birdie in the hole is worth 2 on the windmill.
  15. Play a game of Find Four in a grid of moles.
  16. Tip: when using lure with trap, you can tell if it's going to miss by the metal wires that are hunging from the ceiling, and are used to pull the cogs forwards.
  17. Don't shove jellybeans up your snout!
  18. Go on a camping trip with your Pixie Hollow and Pirates of the Caribbean Online friends. Wait for a penguin from Club Penguin to approach you and ask if he could join. Dispose of the body in Chip & Dale's river.
  19. Kill an ant on your desk with your own boogers (has nothing with TTR, this is just me being weird).
    • Why did i bother specifying "your own"?! ...At the very least, if someone's willing to poke out some booger spheres, i assume they would choose their nose as the main source for boogers. What's up with me today all the time?
  20. Q: When can a single cupcake kill a full-health Level 12 cog (no not the former Pink Slip pie)? A: When the cog is allergic to milk!
  21. Got pixie-dusted by a teammate in VP. Pixie dust got in my eyes and i fell off a cliff.
  22. When a Double Talker or a Two-Face go out of a Boss and walk to their position, one of their faces faces you.
  23. Have Drop gags that, when miss, hit you.
  24. Open an overpriced gag shop at Back Nines. I'm talking REAL overpriced stuff. Starting at 200 jellybeans a gag. Hold an auction if you like for some extra profits.
  25. If you go organic on Throw, you essentially end up with fruit pie fruits.
  26. Distribute a limited-edition series of organic drop gags with a label reading "no cogs were harmed while making this product".
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