aka Elizabeth

  • I live in the Milkyway
  • I was born on September 11
  • My occupation is playing Animal Jam
  • I am female
DDL Toon Headquarters

I am in Donald's Dreamland on my main cat, Mewtastic

Hello there, my name is Libby. Well, I at least go by that. I'd rather not be called my full name, which is Elizabeth. You can call me Mewtastic or Oh Deer as well.

Stuff about me:

I love to draw, not too bad, but I'm not a literal pro. Hey, I'm still pretty good!

I am OBSESSED with Melanie Martinez. Any other Crybabies out there in TTR? (Tag, You're It is the best)

I am 100 laff in the month of May, in the year 2017

My toon, Mewtastic, had a toon rename, but was born on TTR with the name of Darling Muffin Hearts

I also had a toon rewrite, I am now Coral, but I was cream when I was Darling Muffin Hearts

I got my toon rewrite at 78 laff exactly


I am female

People think I'm crazy because:

I hate jello

I hate milk (Unless it's in something, as in cheese, icecream, cereal, etc.)

I am better at drawing than all the kids in my class (I was last year, too)


I am way to obsessed with TTR

I am good at:


Soloing 4 stories

Hard golf (in TTR)

Making friends (irl)


Doing flips and other tricks on bars

That's it! Talk to me on my message wall. Well, I don't wanna be bored! (Which is why I just asked to talk to me :P) So, good luck on the wiki! Get cool badges, and get more points! Not too hard, right? Right? Hmm?

My Toons

  • Lucky Ducky. Duck - She was made the 3rd year of TTR, but was later abandoned due to getting stuck in Goofy's Speedway. I tried teleporting to friends and such, but it was impossible.
  • Mewtasic. Cat - She was also made the 3rd year of TTR. Still used, and 100 laff on the current date on 9-2-2017.
  • Oh Deer. Deer - Created on 9-2-2017 - Deer was added in the v2.0.0 update on 9-1-2017.
  • Croc-A-Doodle-Doo. Crocodile - Created on 9-2-2017. Crocodile was added in the v2.0.0 update on 9-1-2017.

My Tasks

Out of all honesty, I don't really know. Even if I did, I have no nerve to share.

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