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Hello there toons! My username is Miles94, but my Toontown name is Dr. Felix Superpaws. I wish to help any and all toon! If you see me around Toontown Rewritten, say hi! Don't be shy to say hi. Thanks for visiting me, goodbye!


  • Main: Dr. Felix Superpaws
  • Secondary: Mr. Mister
  • Third: Banana Jelly
  • Fourth: N/A
  • Fifth: N/A
  • Sixth: N/A


  • Dr. Felix Superpaws
  • Sellbot: Two Face
  • Cashbot: Tightwad
  • Lawbot: N/A
  • Bossbot: N/A


  • Toon-Up: Juggling Balls
  • Trap: Trapdoor
  • Lure: Hypno-goggles
  • Sound: Opera Singer
  • Throw: Wedding Cake
  • Squirt: Geyser
  • Drop: N/A



  • Started playing Toontown Online, in sometime mid 2012.
  • Favorite type of toon is cat.
  • Drop is my least favorite gag, because of it's very low accuracy.