aka Serenikitty

  • I live in a smol box in the woods
  • I was born on December 29
  • My occupation is playin ttr
  • I am a cat

hi ✨⚡

Hi! I'm Serenity. I loveee TTR and I play it almost everyday :o

here's some facts about my toon

  • I renamed my Toon from Meow Queen Serenity to Serenikitty.
  • I am 120 laff
  • I am trapless, but I was intending to go lureless
  • I am maxed in sellbot and cashbot, 0 laff in lawbot and bossbot.
  • i have 5 laff in fishing, 3 in gardening, 1 in racing 1 in golf.
  • i don't like to grind but it gives me something to do as well as giving me laff!
  • i have filled up my friends list twice

ToonTown To-Do List

Bold is required; Italic is something due by a certain date both means maybe/if needed

  • bossbot suit (serenikitty)
  • get to mml (Princess)


High Dive Icon
Serenikitty is maxed in the Toon-Up gag track.


Serenikitty does not have the Trap gag track.


Serenikitty is maxed in the Lure gag track.


Opera Singer
Serenikitty is maxed in the Sound gag track.


Wedding Cake
Serenikitty is maxed in the Throw gag track.


Serenikitty is maxed in the Squirt gag track.


Serenikitty is maxed in the Drop gag track.


Serenikitty has organic Sound gags.

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