aka A Guy (Tired of being a Phone Guy...)

  • I live in You ask why?
  • My occupation is Helping people, and doing things I feel like doing, regardless if its games or writing.
  • I am Male

Well hello, my name is Hander66. I'm a regular of TTR and I am a big fan of the TT series. I seem to have broken the game a bit with a view point glitch, and I can see all the buildings that float on nothing! If you want some help then it might be better to contact someone else, and if you need to question me about anything, feel free to leave a message on my wall, I'll get to it soon enough.

Fishing spot poles go underground

My Toons

  • Empty till I have more time.

ToonTasks (Testing things, mainly so they don't mess up the rest of the page.)

  • To add toons soon. When adding your Toons on this page, you can use the {{Toon profile}} template. For more details on how to use that template, see Template:Toon profile.
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