Hello, and welcome to my profile. If you need help with a building, I'm quite likely to help you unless I'm currently busy.


Vice President

When doing a VP, I have two key phrases I use for my opinion of the SOS:

"I'm afraid i'll have to cut you from the credits." - I find the SOS undesirable. I may leave once the pie phase starts.

"Lights, camera, action!" - I like the SOS, and will more than likely stay until the end.

I don't shop in a traditional sense; I wait until the pie phase to leave, when I'm no longer needed. I only stay if nobody knows how to properly stun.

My Suits

Sellbot - Mr. Hollywood, Level 50

Cashbot - Robber Baron, Level 31

Lawbot - Ambulance Chaser, Level 5 (I hate the CJ, otherwise it'd be bigger)

Bossbot - The Big Cheese, Level 14

My Toon

  • My Toon is a bear named Banjo.
  • He's heavily inspired by Banjo-Kazooie; a game loved by many, myself included.
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