Psst. You ever see a goose shrug? I bet you haven't. 

And now you have.

Current roosting: Finals coming up- inactive until the 20th!

Who's Derpy?

  • My name is Veronica!
  • I am currently a student.
  • I like geese and mail and more geese and especially geese. Penguins are also nice.
  • Indesive as a shrugging goose.
  • Wishy-washy

What's up?

  • ​Since I am so wishy-washy, I aproximate I will be most active on weekends.
  • Want to contact me? Send a message on skype to Derpygoose!
  • Find me on Toontown Rewritten with one of my toons!
  • Check out the Toontown Rewritten IRC for toontown related discussions!

My Toons!


Derpy Goose

Species: Duck

Color: Periwinkle

Favorite playground: ToonTown Central

Favorite Quote: "The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you to do anything but be yourself."-Lao Tzu

Charecteristics: Silly, Oblivious, Derpy

Favorite Story excerpt:

In a river that was ghastly and groaning, a gaggle of gallant goslings began to grow. In that gaggle of goslings, there was a goose who goggled sideways and gawked at every passerby. She's a little Derpy.



Miss Naysayer

Species: Horse

Color: Yellow

Favorite playground: Minnie's MelodyLand

Favorite Quote: "Never look a gift horse in the mouth."-John Heywood

Characteristics: Cynical, Knowledgable, Boring

Favorite Story excerpt:

"I can do it!" exclaimed a jockey on horseback. The horse neighed back, "Nope, to go a distance of 2,000m meters in 1 minute, I'd need to keep a steady pace of about 33 meters per second. That's 74 miles per hour. No way I'm doing that. The horse took off the jockey on her back, took off her reigns, got on two legs and looked at the jockey. "Nay" She said again.


Ace of Spades

Species: Cat

Color: Black

Favorite Playground: Acorn Acres

Favorite Quote: "It doesn't matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice."- Denf Xiaoping 

Characteristics: Lucky, Introverted, Cold

Favorite Story Excerpt:

A bad hand 
Only leads to a Royal Flush 
Any suit for the ace and royal; never 10
Ace of Hearts,
Ace of Clovers,
Ace of Diamonds
Ace of Spades



Ursa Minor

Species: Bear

Color: White

Favorite Playground: The Brrrgh

Favorite Quote: "Black cabs are far more dangerous than polar bears."-Ben Saunders

Characteristics: Motherly, Gentle, Graceful

Favorite story excerpt: 

If you look close in the snowy skies,
Stars shine and dance
Small and big
Growls and calls ring
Salmon prance
Major and minor sing
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