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Hey buckos! Riggy Marole here. Dem Toontown Rewritten Wiki folks have given dis rabbit the go-ahead to test their site notice system. HAH! With dat, I hope all of youse have a FANTABULOUS final week of Cartoonival!


Toontown Rewritten Wiki
Toontown Rewritten Wiki

I'm a very big fan of Toontown and I go on all the time!



My Toons

  1. Princess Cuddles Preciousmuffin (Dog)
  2. Rainbow Flower Girl (Dog)
  3. Midnight Magician (Cat)
  4. Lady Lily Sparkleberry (Rabbit)
  5. Princess Daffodil Rainbowfruit (Monkey)
  6. Raspberry Bell (Deer)
  7. Princess Cuddles Preciousmuffin (Dog)
  8. Black Pearl (Cat)
  9. Black Cat (Cat)
  10. Black Rose (Cat)
  11. Superior Sunstone (Dog)
  12. Rose Cherry Blossom Bouquet (Rabbit)
  13. Sapphire Butterfly (Rabbit)

My ToonTasks

  • Defeat 400 cogs
  • Defeat 300 cogs
  • Defeat 250 cogs
  • Defeat 200 cogs
  • Defeat 100 cogs
  • Defeat 80 cogs
  • train gags
  • Max disguises

My Doodles (which all have clown noses and all together they make a rainbow)

  1. Diamond (owned by my 1st toon)
  2. Raspberry (owned by my 6th toon)
  3. Gumdrop (owned by my 5th toon)
  4. Niagara (owned by my 2nd toon)
  5. Starlight (owned by my 3rd toon)
  6. Tulip (owned by my 4th toon)
  7. Sunshine (owned by my 11th toon)
  8. Pearl (Owned by my 8th toon)
  9. Cherry (Owned by my 12th toon)

My favorite pages

Other wikis I contribute to

  • Disney
  • Hero
  • Halloween Movie
  • Halloween
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Transcripts
  • Michael Jackson

Wikis I'm an admin on

  • Drake & Josh
  • Humongous
  • My Little Pony G3
  • Halloween Specials
  • Easter
  • Mickey and Friends
  • Max & Ruby
  • Danny Phantom
  • Nickelodeon Fanon
  • Halloween Series
  • Sunny Patch

When adding your Toons on this page, you can use the {{Toon profile}} template. For more details on how to use that template, see Template:Toon profile.