aka 0oze / AyeItsJewels

  • I live in a box on mars. plz don't question it.
  • I was born on April 7
  • My occupation is a female gamer
  • I am female
66 Laff Sienna Deer
Lipstick Icon Small Magnet Icon 25x30px Birthday Cake Icon Storm Cloud Icon Sandbag Icon
Organic track: Throw
Cog Disguises
Cold Caller 1
Short Change 1
Bottom Feeder 1
Flunky 1
3/7 Trophies 37/70 Species
Bamboo Rod
1/4 Trophies 20/40 Species
Bronze Shovel Large Watering Can
2/30 Trophies
0/30 Trophies Cruiser
Hello, I'm Jewels! I joined TTR back in 2015 under the name, Pepper Bagelcrunch. I've lost access to that profile as the email I used is no longer in existence, and in order to log in, I need to enter a ToonGuard. My new name is Rose! I love the color red and gardening is a hobby of mine, so it makes sense.

I use Ivy as a secondary Toon for Multi-tooning. As of now, she only has 26 Laff.

I use Carrot in ToonTasks involving helping new toons.

My Toons

  • Rose (formerly Neena)
  • Ivy
  • Carrot
  • Pepper Bagelcrunch (retired)
  • Princess Petunia (TTO)


  • Susan Siesta (Small Backpack)
  • Lawful Linda (+2 Laff Boost)

Fun Facts!

  • I played the original TTO. I created Princess Petunia, a tall, purple rabbit, with long ears and the normal-sized head sometime in 2010. I was at least six years old and had no idea what I was doing. On this Toon, I maybe achieved 25 Laff if that. I was more invested in games like Roblox and Animal Jam at this point in my life, so Toontown kinda took a backseat.
  • Like mentioned before, I joined TTR under the name Pepper Bagelcrunch, a tan and tall dog, in 2015. I was not aware that TTO and TTR were not the same thing, and was pretty upset when I found out that I couldn't have adopted another doodle. After losing my account, I decided to take a break from TTO altogether.
  • My current Doodle, Dakota, is a tribute to my old doodle of the same name back in TTO. Dakota was/is purple and has/had antennae. I was lucky enough to find a close replica, with seemingly better traits. If I remember correctly, first-gen Kota was always angry at me for some reason, but second-gen Kota can't get enough of me.
  • I used to be deathly afraid of cogs, even Flunkies. I was specifically afraid of Bloodsuckers and Mover and Shakers. As embarrassing as it is, even as Pepper Bagelcrunch in TTR, I was still terrified of initiating cog battles, and would almost never fight alone. I'm not afraid of cogs anymore... If we don't count lvl 12 Legal Eagles.


I like to take selfies, so I'll share them with you. Here they are, I guess.


Photo of Pepper Bagelcrunch in Donald's Dock taken in 2015.

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