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Dusty Bumblejinks
114 Laff Crimson Red Dog
Resistance Ranger Dusty
High Dive Icon Railroad Presentation Opera Singer Wedding Cake Geyser
Drop ( It misses to much )
Organic track: Trap
Cog Disguises
Mr. Hollywood Lvl 37
Robber Baron Lvl 22
Bloodsucker Lvl 6
Pencil Pusher Lvl 6
5/7 Trophies 53/70 Species
Golden Rod
3/4 Trophies 30/40 Species
Silver Shovel Huge Watering Can
13/30 Trophies
4/30 Trophies Cruiser

Introduction to Dusty Bumblejinks

Dusty Bumblejinks is a young adult, tall, crimson red dog Toon, and a self-proclaimed resident superhero of Toontown Rewritten. Humble, brave, and with a strong sense of justice, he's battled the Cogs for over 10 years in an attempt to protect his hometown.

It is well known that he is the strongest among his friends, and is often the one who is called upon the most when trouble rises.

Sure to be the first one to step up to the plate when one of his friends is in trouble, he's not afraid to run in swinging when the time calls for it. He also enjoys pointing new Toons in town in the right direction, giving them advice on how to easily progress with the game.

He has recently applied to join the Toon Resistance, or moderator team, firmly believing that they are "Overworked" and need more staff to help moderate the town.


Dusty is generally mild-mannered, kind and good-willed toward other Toons, and extremely aggressive toward Cogs. However, step over the line, put one toe out of line, or break a rule, and expect to receive a rather lengthy lecture from him in return. He firmly believes in justice and good will, and will immediately report anybody who he sees breaking the rules. When around a loved one, such as a family member or a close friends, he lowers his guard slightly and becomes more friendly and sociable, as well as either extremely kind or affectionate, depending on his relationship with said individual. It is known that he has a habit of going out of his way to protect the ones he truly, or deeply, cares for, not caring for his own well-being. This seems to imply that he would rather sacrifice himself to save his closest friends, then allow them to fall in front of him. While this has gotten him into trouble more then once, he somehow manages to get out of trouble as quickly as he got in.


It is widely known that Dusty loves to taunt and insult the Cogs in order to aggravate them, as well as draw laughs from onlookers. Some of his most notable quotes to date are:

  • "Back off, ugly!"
  • "Come on, rusty. Let's dance!"
  • "Another state of the art robot ready for the scrap pile."
  • "I'm gonna blast this guy into next week!"
  • "Looks like they've been RAILROADED!"
  • "Come on, rust bucket!"
  • "Pathetic."
  • "There's no need to fear! Bumblejinks is here!"

While there are a few others he may say, these are his most commonly heard quotes in the game.

Apart from insulting the Cogs, he does enjoy running through high level Cog invasions in Toontown Central, helping little Toons who are in trouble, as well as helping others train their gags.


  • Expert at forming a strategy.
  • Superb at back stunning the VP.
  • Has not mastered using the cranes in the CFO, but is adept.
  • Is armed with over 10 years of Toontown experience.
  • Is able to remain calm in tense situations.


  • Cocky, almost to a fault.
  • Addicted to killing Cogs.
  • Relatively inexperienced at handling the DA's office.
  • Ca. become cranky and unstable if kept tethered up for to long.
  • If you ignore him, he'll straight up take off on you.


  • Dusty Bumblejinks was first created in 2005, so technically speaking, he is over 10 years old. He was also the first Toon created by bulldozerman185.
  • His name was selected at random and has stuck with Dusty since.
  • He is often referred to as "The Crimson Canine", which comes from the fact that he is crimson red.
  • Many of his favorite quotes are from various video games and movies.
    • "There's no need to fear! Bumblejinks is here!" Is obviously from the movie/TV series Underdog.
    • "Back off, ugly!" "Come on, rusty! Let's dance!" "Another state of the art robot ready for the scrap pile!" Are from Spider-Man: The Movie Game for Nintendo GameCube, Playstation 2 and XBox.
    • "GET OUT OF HERE!!", although not confirmed anywhere, is said to be from Wario World for the GameCube.
  • When he was initially created, he was slightly shorter then he is in Rewritten, and his fur was a lighter shade of red. When Toon Rewrites came out, his height and color were changed to make him look more adult-like.
  • It isn't said anywhere, but he apparently had deep feelings for Melody. They were likely love interests when Melody's creator was still alive ( prior to 2015 ).

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