aka Arrow

  • I live in Donald's Dreamland
  • My occupation is Toon helper and gag trainer
  • I am Female

Toons of the world, unite!

I'm not new to Wikia, but I did want to start fresh with a new account. It's been a couple years since I was last active at editing, so I guess I need to re-learn the ropes again. Especially the coding and things like that.

I enjoy helping people and I really enjoy TT, so I decided to help out here if I could! I love chatting and feel free to contact me on my message wall. I've been playing TTR since August 2015, and I started playing TTO in the 2010s. I'm not sure exactly what year because I originally shared a toon with my sister and later graduated to my own account, but I never really got too far.

My toons:

My main toon is Arrowdancer, a bright blue, fairly tall dog. She is female and at 86 laff. Maxed in three--nearly four--tracks.

Alternate toons: (I actually have a second account with other toons I technically like better, but one day I'll start playing on these guys.)

Second toon--This toon is a yellow bear named Frozen Lemonade. She usually wears yellow and orange. She's possibly going to be a squirt-throw uber, and I'll work up from there, but who knows which direction she'll go. I haven't worked with her, just use codes so far, so she's still in TTC.

Third--My third is a black cat named Black Plum. She usually wears dark and light purples, as well as dark reds like burgandy, and maybe some pink. Really not sure what she'll be, maybe an uber with sound. Still in TTC.

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