An example of an Uber with two gag tracks.

An Uber is an op Toon that has low laff and high levels of gags


The term "Uber" and its associated concept occurred in the earliest days of Toontown Rewritten's predecessor, Toontown Online. Originally coined as a term to describe Toons who were skilled at the game and well-respected among the Toontown community[1][2], then sadly it shortly adapted into the term "Uber Noob", which eventually shortened to just "Uber".[3]

Soon after said bug was patched, Toons changed their method of creating Ubers. While the original Ubers could still be found, they could not be made anymore. This led to the creation and defining of what the Toontown community now know as two-gag, three-gag, and four-gag Ubers ( aka entitled players who think all other toons should be okay with their greener-like playstyle (greener-like due to entering areas with low gags that are useless) .

Types of Ubers

Traditional Ubers

These are the standard "Sellbot Ubers" that are most commonly referred to when discussing Ubers.

Uber type Description
Two-gag Uber Maxed Throw and Squirt; they usually have around 15-20 laff.
Three-gag Uber Maxed Throw, Squirt, and another gag track (Sound or Toon-Up); they usually have around 25-30 laff.
Four-gag Uber Maxed Throw, Squirt, and two other gag tracks (typically Sound and Lure); they usually have around 34-39 laff.
Sellbot Uber A catch-all term for Ubers with four gag tracks or less, named after the fact that their main field of progression is Sellbot Headquarters. They usually have around 15-39 laff.

Unconventional Ubers

These are types of Ubers that are technically classed under Uber or use the Uber moniker, but are considered unconventional and sometimes even controversial (like greeners).

Uber type Description
Cashbot Uber Toons who have maxed their Sellbot Cog Disguise and Cashbot Cog Disguise, but are low in laff; they usually have around 76-80 laff, if they maxed their Sellbot Cog Disguise.
"Tank" Uber 2-4 track Ubers who possess a greater amount of laff from activities (fishing, golfing, kart racing, and gardening) in addition to maxing their Sellbot Cog Disguise, whilst retaining low gags (Such as someone with 47 laff but only two gags.)
Reverse Uber / Anti-Uber Toons with extremely low gags compared to their laff, considered the direct antonym of a traditional Uber. They can reach 137 laff with only level five Throw, level three Squirt (due to ToonTask requirements forcing any Toon to have the Squirt Gun and the Whole Cream Pie) and the rest of the Toon's gags being level one.
Semi-reverse Ubers / Semis Toons who are similar to Reverse Ubers, but instead they choose to train anywhere between 1-5 of their gag tracks, leaving their untrained tracks at level one (not including Throw and Squirt, which must be trained to level five and three respectively, just like Reverse Ubers). Semis are generally referred to by the tracks they lack (i.e. a 'Trapless/Squirtless' Semi) or the gags they carry (i.e. a 'Trap/Drop/Toon-Up' Semi), depending.


  • Über is a word in German that means "over".
  • With the release of the Silly Meter on March 6, 2019, the requirements to obtain a Silly Reader were to have at least 30 laff, or to have at least one level four gag. This appears to have been an intentional decision made by the Toontown Rewritten Team to include certain types of Ubers.
  • There is a rare Uber in Goofy Speedway so go see if you'll find it ASAP!
  • Toontown Rewritten introduced two Cast Members (see Gallery) with gag track combinations that are impossible to obtain by normal players. They consist of a three-track build with high laff. It has been confirmed that the spirit of generic Ubers are canon to Toontown Rewritten's lore.[4]



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