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Tutorial Tom is a dog NPC Toon who guides new Toons to get started in the game, and only appears in the Toon-torial of the gameplay. In that time, he gives the new Toon their first gags: a Squirting Flower and a Cupcake. Furthermore, the Toon receives their first ToonTask, which is to defeat a Flunky outside of his shop. After the Flunky is defeated, Tutorial Tom teleports to the Toon and instructs them to obtain his/her reward from Toon Headquarters, then leaves once again through his portable hole.


  1. Defeat a Flunky
  2. Visit HQ Harry in the Toon HQ


  • Toontown Rewritten features the old version of Tutorial Tom before he was updated in Toontown Online, which includes his head shape, and his ears shooting up after seeing a Flunky.
  • Tutorial Tom never appears again after the Toon-torial is completed.
  • There used to be a bug where Tutorial Tom would be missing his legs after teleporting. After a certain update, this bug has been fixed and should not happen again.
  • He is the first Toon (other than your own) that you see in the game.
  • According to localizer code, the street is called Tutorial Terrace. However, this might not be official; it may just be in case hackers manage to teleport into the Toon-torial and a friend views their location.


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