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Tutorial Tom is an NPC dog Toon who resides in his own shop to greet new Toons in the Toontorial. At that very moment, he discusses with the Toon about gags, Cogs, and laff. He offers the Toon their first set of gags (a Squirting Flower and a Cupcake), their laff meter, and their first ToonTask to defeat a Flunky outside his shop.


  1. Defeat a Flunky.
  2. Visit HQ Harry in the Toon Headquarters.


  • An old version of Tutorial Tom from the early days of Toontown Online was implemented to Toontown Rewritten. Not only does he have a short muzzle, but upon noticing a Flunky outside his shop, an old animation plays where his ears shoot up.
  • Tutorial Tom is the first Toon that players encounter.
  • Tutorial Tom never appears again after the Toontorial is completed.
  • There used to be a bug where Tutorial Tom's legs would disappear after teleporting directly to the Toon after they defeated the Flunky. This bug, however, had since then been fixed.
  • According to the game's localizer code, the street on which Tutorial Tom lives is called "Tutorial Terrace." Several Toontown Rewritten blog posts often refer to the Toontorial as such.
  • Tutorial Tom has a lesser known brother named Tester Tim.[1] Tester Tim was used in the January 31 ToonCast to show off the development of Sellbot Field Offices.



  1. Joey Ziolkowski @JoeyZio_ 11:51 PM - Jan 31, 2020
    Hope that everyone enjoyed the first of many #ToonCasts tonight! Thanks for bearing with us through this first one -- we'll work out the kinks for future events.
    Special shout out to the real star of the show: Tutorial Tom's lesser known little brother, Tester Tim!
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