Tutorial Tom's Building
Tutorial Tom's building
Ice cream cone
Basic information
Shopkeeper: Tutorial Tom
Street: Toontorial
Playground: Toontown Central
Tutorial Tom's building is a Toon Building located within the Toontorial. The owner here is Tutorial Tom. Tutorial Tom's building is the first place were players can take control of their Toon. This building cannot be accessed again after completing the Toontorial.


  • It is unknown if Tutorial Tom's building resides in a playground or a street.
    • According to localizer code, the street is called Tutorial Terrace. However, this might not be official; it may just be in case hackers manage to teleport into the Toontorial and a friend views their location.
      • The district could be set as Welcome Valley since the Toon Headquarters shares the same Toon Platoon board.
    • Some speculate it is in Toontown Central because the outside shares the same art style.
      • Although, this can be wrong because when entering the Toontorial, only the text "Toontorial" will show up on screen. In addition, the range of zone IDs of the Toontorial, which are unique to each playground, street and street area, is 20,000-20,999, whereas Toontown Central's is 2,000-2,999. Because of this, it can be considered in its own neighborhood.
  • It is one of the only buildings in the game that can only be entered once, the only other building is the first Toon Headquarters in the Toontorial.
  • It is the only building in the game with a window that can be seen through to see outside. Although from the exterior, the building now has two translucent windows and the door is moved to were the window should have been.
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