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Sir Max and a bear riding the Trolley in Trolley Tracks

"Let's go on the Trolley!"
―A Toon[[A SpeedChat option |[src]]]
The Trolley is a transporter which leads Toons to a random trolley game where they can earn jellybeans for gags. It is accessible in every playground, except Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres and Goofy Speedway.

It can be simply accessed by walking onto the wooden flooring in front of the Trolley. Once boarded, a counter will begin to count down from nine to zero. A maximum of four Toons can board at once. The minigames Match MinnieRace Game, Toon Tag and Ice Slide are only playable with multiple Toons.

Trolley Tracks is a game which is only playable on Thursday. A minimum of two Toons are required to play. The game is not optional and must be played.

The Trolley was implemented on October 28, 2013, along with the release of Alpha. The only playable mini-game was the Maze Game. Further mini-games were added in the following order:

Trolley Games

Single Player

Cannon Game
Catching Game
Cog Thief
Jungle Vines
Jungle Vines
Maze Game
Maze Game
Photo Fun
Photo fun
Ring Game
Ring Game
Toon Escape
Toon Escape
Toon Memory Game
Toon Slingshot
Treasure Dive
Treasure Dive
Tug of War


Ice Slide
Match Minnie
Race Game
Toon Tag


  • The trolley was one of the few entertainment features available at the start of Alpha, including Maze Game and SpeedChat.
  • The trolley is based off of a tram, a vehicle that runs on rails used for transportation.
  • As part of the March 26th coded update, if you played any trolley game that involved Cogs, you would receive a message saying "DS-DEBUG1: Suit Serial #0049 -- THE" or something similar, which when decrypted, reveals that Doctor Surlee forgot to turn off debug mode and asked another Toon to do it for him. When placed in the correct order, all the messages make 2 coherent sentences. Then the hexadecimal serial numbers can be turned into alphabetic characters, spelling out "creating equipment", which were the keywords needed to decrypt The Manufacturing Machine blueprint on the Toontown Rewritten website.
  • The trolley games at Toontown Central intend to be the easiest while Donald's Dreamland intend to be the hardest.
  • The trolley is always located near Goofy's Gag Shop in every playground.
  • The same mini-game cannot be played twice in a row, unless it is selected multiple times in Trolley Tracks.
  • Photo Fun, which was previously removed from Toontown Online, was added back into Toontown Rewritten.
  • Trolley Tracks was removed after Alpha, but was reimplemented on October 25, 2014 in the way Toontown Online had it.
  • Trolley Tracks are on Silly Saturdays and on Thursdays.
  • Toons originally stood on the trolley, not sat, hence the wooden bar.
  • Toon Memory Game is considered to be the most hated Trolley Game.


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