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Trick-or-treating is a special activity that occurs during Halloween where Toons say "Trick or Treat!" to five of Jack O' Kazam's pumpkins and earn 200 jellybeans per pumpkin after grabbing a limited-time ToonTask from the wizard himself in Toontown Central. Upon revisiting Jack O' Kazam, he awards Toons with the final set of jellybeans and their own Pumpkin Head.


ToonTask answers

1. Say "Trick or Treat!" to a Gigantic Pumpkin

"Eerck heh hehck... You're in need of a hint. Ask your friends for help with this little stint. The first of my pumpkins haunts around a tall, bright tower. Off you go I say! Behold the Spooktown power!"
―Jack O' Kazam

Sans Squash can be found roaming near the lighthouse tower on Lighthouse Lane in Donald's Dock.

2. Say "Trick or Treat!" to a Musical Pumpkin

"RRRAAAAAHHHH! I gave you treat. Why you want more? LISTEN. Do you hear? Grrrrrr. I hear treats on a terrace of terror."
―Sans Squash

Tromme Bones can be found roaming around a couple Toon Buildings, which are near Toon Headquarters, on Tenor Terrace in Minnie's Melodyland.

3. Say "Trick or Treat!" to a Spellbinding Pumpkin

"Changed your mind about listening to my rhythm? No? Maaaan, you're as cold hearted as that spellbinding Pumpkin. You'll find her wherever it's enchantingly freezin'. Now, rattle~tattle, SCA~DATTLE!"
―Tromme Bones

Batty Belfry can be found roaming the fishing pond area on Walrus Way in The Brrrgh.

4. Say "Trick or Treat!" to a Punny Pumpkin

"More treats you wants? Hee hee hee. The price of these Treats won't be steep... This next Pumpkin's puns are all dirt cheap! Now's not the times to choke. Go off and finds the flower cloaked bloke!"
―Batty Belfry

The Great Pun King can be found roaming on top of a set of flowers on Oak Street in Daisy Gardens.

5. Say "Trick or Treat!" to a Neighborly Pumpkin

"Ha hA HAAAAA! I just thought of a ghoul'd one. Haunting for the next treat? Would a hint come in candy? There's just one more pumpkin a-HEAD to screech your ghoul. He's quite neighborly. PFFFft, you'll get that one when you see him! Be scareful to take your Boo-jamas to this place!"
―The Great Pun King

Headless Horsetoon can be found roaming in-between Toon Buildings on Pajama Place in Donald's Dreamland.

6. Say "Trick or Treat!" to a Wicked Wizard

"MUAH HA-HA! You have returned to COWER IN TERROR! What do you mean, you forgot the location? Come ooooon, it wasn't even cryptic! Sigh. Just go back to Jack. You know, where you started. The whole looping circle thing."
―Headless Horsetoon

Return to Jack O' Kazam in Toontown Central.


  • Before the pumpkin Toons were introduced in a Halloween update released on October 25, 2018, Toons had to figure out the answers of several riddles and determine which shopkeeper to visit for every playground.