Trick or Treat ToonTask

Trick-or-treating is a special activity on Halloween where Toons say "Trick or Treat!" to five of Jack O' Kazam's pumpkin minions to earn 200 jellybeans per pumpkin after picking up a special ToonTask from the wizard himself in Toontown Central. Upon revisiting Jack O' Kazam, he will reward the Toon with the final batch of jellybeans and a Pumpkin Head.


Locations (2014-2017)

1. Land of Jokes and Laughter

"Let's start in the place most Central of all,
In great land of the jokes and the laughter,
She might sell you some jokes quite unusual,
If you're lucky, she'll give you some beans thereafter.
Her name is something that you might use,
To celebrate this spooky holiday,
You might trick, and throw it on top of neighbors' trees,
Or get treats, and use it to be a mummy for a day.
―riddle #1
Building: Impractical Jokes
Street: Silly Street
Playground: Toontown Central

2. Land of Water and Boats

"We move on to our next destination,
At the land of water and boats,
You'd go to his short to get dressed up,
In a jacket and waistcoats.
His name is some you have all the time,
Something to travel around,
You probably keep it in your pocket,
If not, then it's on the ground.
―riddle #2
Building: This Transom Man Custom-Tailored Suits
Street: Lighthouse Lane
Playground: Donald's Dock

3. Land of the Gardens and Flowers

"We've got our beans! Keep moving forward,
To the land of the Gardens and of the flowers,
Where a hospitable Toon will let you stay,
During the midnight hours.
You'll call him the same as something else,
Common at this time of year,
When we take joy in the shedding of trees,
Jumping is part of the cheer.
―riddle #3
Building: Rake It Inn
Street: Elm Street
Playground: Daisy Gardens

4. Land of Melody and Song

"And so we go forth in our journey tonight,
In the land of Melody and song,
To find a stylist who'll fix you up kindly,
If you only just sing along.
Disguising yourself would do you no good here,
A futile precaution, you see,
But don't worry, she'll do you good, dear,
I hear she's friends with Rossini.
―riddle #4
Building: Shave and a Haircut for a Song
Street: Alto Avenue
Playground: Minnie's Melodyland

5. Land of Wind and Snow

"Our quest continues in the depths,
Of the land of wind and snow,
Where we find a very high-end shop,
with many beans to throw.
The owner sure fits the theme tonight,
His name itself exudes gloom,
But I hear he also has a softer side,
For a certain Miss VaVoom.
―riddle #5
Building: St. Bernard Kennel Club
Street: Walrus Way
Playground: The Brrrgh

6. Land of Beds and Dreams

"We're almost done! Our last stop at this evening,
Is the land of beds and Dreams,
To the store of a certain man of lore,
who slept too long, it seems.
You may see his name in a more eerie ways,
One that makes some cry,
And if you see it on a stone,
There might be skeletons nearby!
―riddle #6
Building: Rip Van Winkle's Wrinkle Cream
Street: Pajama Place
Playground: Donald's Dreamland
Locations (2018-2019)

1. A Gigantic Pumpkin

"Eerck heh hehck… Your choice is wise! But beware, dear Toon, it may be your demise. Upon this week, for many many years... The Spooktown Curse has brought about fears. Toons have never cared for the joy of my magic. Until this year, in fact, with an event quite tragic. All of the treats in Toontown are gone without a trace! To Trick or Treat, Toons must come to my face. My Jack-O-Lanterns have sprung alive, with treats that await. Go find them if you dare, lest a trick be your fate. The first of my pumpkins haunts around a tall, bright tower. Off you go, I say! Behold the Spooktown power!"
―Jack O' Kazam
NPC: Sans Squash
Street: Lighthouse Lane
Playground: Donald's Dock

2. A Musical Pumpkin

"LISTEN. Do you hear? Grrrrrr. I hear treats on the terrace of terror."
―Sans Squash
NPC: Tromme Bones
Street: Tenor Terrace
Playground: Minnie's Melodyland

3. A Spellbinding Pumpkin

"Not the treat you're looking for? Maaaan, you're as cold hearted as that spellbinding Pumpkin. You'll find her wherever it's enchantingly freezin'."
―Tromme Bones
NPC: Batty Belfry
Street: Walrus Way
Playground: The Brrrgh

4. A Punny Pumpkin

"The price of these Treats won't be steep... This pumpkin's puns are all dirt cheap! Now's not the times to choke. Go off and finds the flower cloaked bloke!"
―Batty Belfry
NPC: The Great Pun King
Street: Oak Street
Playground: Daisy Gardens

5. A Neighborly Pumpkin

"There's just one more pumpkin a-HEAD to screech your ghoul. He's quite neighborly. PFFFft, you'll get that one when you see him! Be scareful to take your Boo-jamas to this place!"
―The Great Pun King
NPC: Headless Horsetoon
Street: Pajama Place
Playground: Donald's Dreamland


  • Before the pumpkin Toons were introduced in a brand new Halloween update on October 25, 2018, Toons had to figure out the answers to the riddles to determine which shopkeeper to visit for every playground.


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