A treasure is an object that appears in all playgrounds. When a Toon runs towards a treasure, they are granted a certain amount of laff points, ranging from 2 to 12, depending on the playground.


Image Name Location Laff points healed
Popsicle Estate 2
Ice cream cone
Ice cream cone Toontown Central 3
Starfish Donald's Dock 10
Daisy Daisy Gardens 10
Music note
Music note Minnie's Melodyland 10
Snowflake The Brrrgh 12
ZZZ Donald's Dreamland 12
Acorn Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres 3
Heart All playgrounds during ValenToon's Day x2


  • In the early development of Toontown Online, treasures were originally actual small, jewel-filled treasure chests, hence their name.
  • The treasures can also be found during the final round of the Chief Financial Officer boss battle when stomping on goons.
  • From February 9th to February 16th during ValenToon's Day, the treasures become hearts, which are worth double the laff they are before.
  • Donald's Dock is the only playground with treasures underwater. All other playgrounds, excluding Donald's Dock, have treasures on land, though estates have treasures on land and underwater.
  • The estate used to have ice cream cones, but these were replaced by popsicles in an update released on July 11, 2014.
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