A trampoline as seen at ToonFest 2015.

Trampolines are objects that are present in ToonFest 2015, allowing players to earn ToonFest Tokens.


The goal of the trampoline is to get as high in the air as you can, where tokens are placed in equal intervals vertically. Jumping is done by pressing Ctrl, and the higher the toon gets, the higher the next jump can be, but it is important to time the Ctrl press right. There are 11 ordinary floating tokens in the game, and one giant token at the top. Each collected floating token is worth 2 actual tokens, and collecting the big one at the top will reward 22 extra tokens.


  • Trampolines are also found in parties. However, parties are currently not in the game at the moment.
  • Before an update for ToonFest 2015, there were originally jellybeans instead of ToonFest Tokens on the trampolines. This is because the trampolines were a part of parties in Toontown Online. In that game, the game rewarded jellybeans.
  • Formerly, each collected token in the game rewarded 1 token rather than 2.
  • During Toonfest 2015, there was a major bug that made Toons unplayable until the Trampolines were fixed.
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