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Fat McStink waiting by a mailbox to retrieve the first set of series 4 trading cards.

Trading cards are a set of real life merchandise created by Toontown Rewritten that are typically given away to attendees at ToonFest conventions or to anyone who sends them a letter through Member Mailers. Since OMG!Con 2015, Toontown Rewritten has been creating three new trading cards per convention. Jesse Schell, the original creative director of Toontown Online, answered questions from the Toontown community for OMG!Con 2015. Those who had their question chosen were given Toontown Online trading cards signed by Jesse Schell.

Disney created trading cards for Toontown Online in 2003 and stopped some time before 2013. However, the trading cards were created at least during 2003-2005.

Toontown Online trading cards

These trading cards contain information that is canon to Toontown Rewritten's storyline. An example of this is Gyro Gearloose's invention of the portable hole.

Series 2

Great Moments in Toontown

Toontown Rewritten trading cards

Series 4




References to trading cards

  • Doctor Surlee's portable hole blueprint uses the same technobabble as "The 'Hole' Story" season 2 trading card.
    • In Toontown Online, Gyro Gearloose invented the portable hole but in Toontown Rewritten, Doctor Surlee invented the portable hole. Both characters share an alias.
  • The Super-Duper Air Conditioner was mentioned in the "Having an 'Ice' Time at The Brrrgh" Season 2 trading card and in the first of Doctor Surlee's papers.


  • Toontown Online trading cards from series 1 started in September 2003 and ended on May 2004 (based on the Whistle trading card).
  • Based on the Artie Choke Toonography trading card, Toontown Online trading cards from series 2 began on June 2004 and ended on October 2005. However, some of the other series 2 Toonographies were made the year before 2004, such as the Smudgy Mascara Toonography trading card.
  • Toontown Online trading cards from series 3 began production on November 2005 until the end of its newsletter's lifespan.