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Rollbacks are trusted users of the Toontown Rewritten Wiki with one permission granted. They are identified with a red name. Additional information about the rollbacks will be displayed on this page. It is recommended that users contact any rollback through their respective message wall.

Who are the rollbacks?

This section details every rollback's user pages, right, promotion date, and status of activity. Additional information about the rollbacks can be found here.
  • Active - The user regularly contributes to the wiki.
    • A rollback would not be of much help. Other users should contact an active moderator, administrator, or the VSTF to seek emergency assistance for situations like reporting vandalism.
  • Partially Active - The user occasionally contributes to the wiki.
  • Inactive - The user rarely contributes to the wiki. If a moderator is persistently inactive, they are at possible risk of being demoted.
  • Unavailable - The user is permitted temporary future inactivity and should not be contacted for assistance. They will not be demoted if informed to active administrators ahead of time.
There are currently no rollbacks.

How is the "rollback" function used?

The "rollback" function allows rollback users to revert an edit in one-click. The reverted edit(s) will not be visible in the wiki activity.

What should rollbacks do to help the wiki?

A rollback user is expected to make good use of their "rollback" function when necessary. If a rollback user is caught misusing said function, they will be contacted; if they continue to misuse the function after the initial warning, their right will be provoked. In the event that a rollback user misuses their right for the purpose of sabotaging the wiki or causing vandalism, they will be subjected to an indefinite block.
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