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Rollbacks are trusted users of the Toontown Rewritten Wiki with one permission granted. Additional information about the rollbacks will be displayed on this page. Should a user find desire to contact a rollback, it is recommended to contact an active rollback through their respective message wall.

What is a rollback?

Rollbacks, identified with a red name, are users who have the ability to perform a very quick "rollback" of undesirable edits in order to prevent vandalism.


There are currently no rollbacks.

You can view additional information in relation to users with rollback access here.

  • Active - The user regularly contributes to the wiki. You should contact an active moderator, Content Moderator, administrator, or the VSTF if you require emergency assistance, such as reporting a vandal.
  • Partially Active - The user occasionally contributes to the wiki.
  • Inactive - The user rarely contributes to the wiki. If a moderator is persistently inactive, they are at possible risk of being demoted.
  • Unavailable - The user is permitted temporary future inactivity, and should not be contacted for assistance.

How is the "rollback" function used?

The "rollback" function allows rollback users to revert an edit in one-click. The reverted edit(s) will not be visible in the wiki activity.

Becoming a rollback

You can request to be a rollback here. You must meet all the requirements to apply. You may also apply to be a moderator or administrator. Responses to applications will be sent as soon as possible.

What should rollbacks do?

Rollbacks are normal users with the ability to "rollback" an edit, and are seen as trusted users of the community. If you notice a rollback user misusing their privilege, you should report them to an active administrator.

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