Welcome! This page is where requests for the rollback role can be made. You may submit a request with a registered Wikia account, but only if you have met the requirements below.


  • You must actively contribute to the wiki whenever possible. By becoming a rollback, it is assumed that you will continue to be active. If there comes a time where you have to be absent for a certain amount of time, please inform an administrator about it.
  • You must have never failed to comply with the policy and its counterparts.
  • You must have contributed to the wiki for at least one month.
  • You must have at least 400 wiki points.
  • You must have made at least 400 edits to the main namespace.
  • You must have made at least 10 edits to the user blog comment namespace.
  • You must have not previously been blocked for longer than 3 days.
  • You must not have a history of spam, vandalism, or any other form of unnecessary edits.
  • You must have never harassed another user in a message wall, blog comment, or within chat.
  • You must be at least 13 years of age. This complies with Wikia's Terms of Use.
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Rollback privileges

Becoming a rollback grants you access to certain privileges. The main task that a rollback user has is to simply revert vandalism in one-click with the rollback feature. As much as that may not seem like a lot, reverting vandalism is a huge help for the wiki.

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Think you met all the requirements above and have what it takes to help out the Toontown Rewritten Wiki? Enter your username in the box below then include a statement explaining why you should be promoted as rollback. Your submission will then be reviewed by an administrator as soon as possible.

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Well, I may not have met all the requirements quite yet but we all know I will hit 400 main space edits in no time at all. As you see, I have big plans for this wiki and love to keep it up and running to the best of it's ability. Already own Clash of Clans wiki, so I know all about staffing. I need to get my foot in the door as Rollback to then later be promoted to Moderator. Don't have any plans on leaving. Very active, on every day to be able to see anything I need to fix and/or rollback. Want to continue making a difference and improving the wiki!

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