This page lists all of the polls for Toontown Rewritten Wiki. A new poll will arrive every once in awhile. Below are table of contents for individual polls under each year.


Toon Council Presidential Elections

March 2 - April 8:
Who are you voting for in the Toon Council Presidential Elections?
Flippy 338
Slappy 99
Total Voters 437

April Toons Week

April 8 - May 8:
Did you enjoy the silliness of April Toons Week?
No, not wacky at all! 56
Yes, very wacky! 118
I don't know. 109
Total Voters 283


May 8 - May 24:
Are you excited for Toontown Rewritten Beta?
Yes, it will be incredibly toontastic! 340
Yes, but I don't think it will be all that great. 9
No, I don't like the Beta stage. 8
Total Voters 357

Beta Key ToonTasks

May 24 - June 9:
How challenging do you think the Beta Key ToonTasks are?
Easy 12
Average 4
Hard 2
I haven't done the ToonTask yet. 37
I don't have Beta access. 418
Total Voters 473

Semi-Open Beta

June 19 - September 13:
What do you think of the PlayLine and PlayTime features? What do you think of Semi-Open Beta?
Good 298
Alright 388
Bad 532
Total Voters 1218


September 13 - September 27:
Are you going to ToonFest?
Of course! 278
Maybe... 22
Only if Joey is there. 11
Never 14
Total Voters 325

ToonFest outfits

September 27 - October 24:
What is your favorite ToonFest outfit?
Flippy's Doomsday Survivor Shirt 21
Slappy's Doomsday Survivor Shirt 6
Beta Bug Hunter 22
The Squirt Shirt 100
T...Word...Thing... 14
Total Voters 163

Halloween outfits

October 24 - November 8:
What is your favorite Halloween outfit?
Pumpkin Shirt 1
Ghost Shirt 2
Vampire Outfit 18
Super Toon Outfit 10
Bee Outfit 2
Batty Moon Shirt 1
Skeleton Outfit 14
Spider Outfit 7
Toonosaur Outfit 19
Pirate Outfit 27
Turtle Outfit 7
The Potionist Outfit 11
Jarred Jester Outfit 2
Total Voters 121

Trolley games

November 8 - December 6:
What is your favorite Trolley game?
Cannon Game 58
Catching Game 3
Cog Thief 15
Ice Slide 12
Jungle Vines 2
Match Minnie 41
Maze Game 14
Photo Fun 3
Race Game 32
Toon Escape 28
Toon Memory Game 4
Toon Slingshot 5
Toon Tag 3
Treasure Dive 11
Tug of War 6
Total Voters 242


Organic gags

December 6 - January 20:
What is your favorite set of organic gags?
Toon-Up 22
Trap 24
Lure 106
Sound 28
Throw 106
Squirt 12
Drop 34
Total Voters 332


January 20 - February 20:
Whew, a lot of things have been going on. Which of the following events did you enjoy the best?
Twelve Days of Winter 10
New Years Event (Fireworks) 1
The New Years Top Toons Marathon 2
Tweaks to Toontown 107
Total Voters 120


February 20 - April 5:
If you were offered to become a member of Team LHAAFBBHQ, would you join?
Why, of course. It would definitely be toontastic! 235
Absolutely not. I think it's too risky for myself. 8
Total Voters 243

Barbecue Headquarters

April 5 - May 9:
What is your opinion on the BBQHQ prank?
The prank was awesome and really funny! It almost got me believing that Bossbot HQ was released. 161
I didn't like the prank because we been waiting forever for Bossbot HQ to arrive! 77
April Fools is something I don't enjoy. 13
Total Voters 251

Bossbot Headquarters

May 9 - June 14:
How do you like the new Bossbot HQ?
The new Bossbot HQ looks incredibly toontastic and I love it more than the Toontown Online version! 276
The new Bossbot HQ looks awesome, but there are probably a few flaws with the design. 43
Unfortunately, I don't like the new Bossbot HQ. 10
Total Voters 329


June 14 - July 29:
Did you attend ToonFest at OMG!Con 2015? What did you think?
Yes, I loved it! 19
Yes, but I was disappointed. 2
No, but I wish I could of went! 360
No, and I'm glad I didn't go. 25
Total Voters 406
If none of the choices apply to you, choose "Yes" or "No", and select the upper choice.

Operation: Storm Sellbot Headquarters

July 29 - September 3:
Did you enjoy Operation: Storm Sellbot HQ?
Yes, the special ToonTasks and easier Vice President battles are fun. 185
Yes, but I wish there had been more fun activities for the event. 48
No, I wish the activities had been done better. 10
No, this event should not be done again. 7
Total Voters 250

ToonFest and Halloween

October 27 - November 27:
Did you enjoy ToonFest 2015 and Spooktown's Halloween event?
The whole rigmarole of ToonFest 2015 was outstanding, and Halloween is definitely an overall spooktastic experience! 77
ToonFest and Halloween are not my favorite events. 16
I never had the chance to see the whole rigmarole of ToonFest 2015. 26
I never had the chance to see the scenery of Jack O' Kazam's Spooktown curse. 34
Total Voters 155

Twelve Days of Winter

December 30 - January 26:
What was your favorite part of Toontown's Twelve Days of Winter?
Trees and lights o'plenty combined with a very big blizzard 4
Brand new winter-themed gags 42
Brand new winter clothing and cheerful Christmas costumes 10
A mega-invasion of Cold Callers 1
Caroling 0
Twice the gag experience 25
Polar Bears 9
The Great Snowball Fight 7
Total Voters 98



January 23 - March 12:
Will YOU be attending ToonFest at OMG!Con 2016 in Owensboro, Kentucky?
Yes, I went last year and I want to go again! 3
Yes, I want to go to my first real life ToonFest! 3
No, I went last year and I was disappointed. 1
No, but I wish I could go! 182
Maybe, I'll have to think about it. 12
Total Voters 201

Toontown Shorts Contest

March 12 - April 11:
Do you plan on participating in the Toontown Shorts Contest?
Yes, I would love to try and win the Toontown Prize Pack! 12
I would participate if I knew how to upload videos or how to edit. 69
No, I do not want to participate. 28
Total Voters 109

Alec Tinn

June 2 - July 3:
It appears that Alec Tinn was last spotted at Toon Hall speaking with the Toon Council. What do you think he's up to?
The new Toon Hall 63
Another election 40
Slappy's whereabouts 35
Something different 5
Total Voters 143

Trading cards

July 3 - August 13:
Which is your favorite Toontown Rewritten trading card?
Slappy 7
Director of Ambush Marketing 17
Alec Tinn 6
Flippy 45
Robber Baron 14
Doctor Surlee 4
Total Voters 93

Toontown Species Election

August 13 - December 2:
Which species would you vote for in the Toontown Species Election if the following were the candidates?
Goat 89
Chicken 90
Cow 179
Total Voters 358


December 2 - Present:
What was your favorite part about ToonFest 2016?
Pie Purchases 4
Merry Multipliers 57
Double ToonFest tokens 4
New prizes 43
Meeting Riggy Marole for the very first time 8
Total Voters 116
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