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Plagiarism is the use of words or ideas from someone else. The Toontown Rewritten Wiki does not tolerate plagiarism as we aim to provide original content on all of our pages. It is against the policy for a user to plagiarize, and doing so will result in action being taken against their Fandom account.
The Toontown Rewritten Wiki may provide information that is slightly comparable to the Toontown Wiki, but information should never be directly copied from there.

Types of action

Verbal caution

A verbal caution is the lowest level of action taken towards plagiarism. The user will be warned about their action(s) by an administrator/moderator on their talk page. The user will not receive a block. If a user has previously received a verbal caution, they are susceptible to a block.


A caution is a block which consists of under a day. A caution can only be issued once, therefore the next level of action will be issued if the plagiarism persists.


A block which usually consists of over a day may be issued. The user may be issued a block without caution in some circumstances.


An indefinite (infinite) block is the highest level of action taken by an administrator/moderator towards plagiarism. They are only imposed if a user fails to comply with the policy on multiple occasions. Users may contact an active administrator if they wish to discuss the matter.

Types of plagiarism


Plagiarism will result in a block being imposed. If the user has not previously made a contribution, they are susceptible to an extended block. Plagiarism may be deemed unintentional if the user was seemingly unaware of causing disruption. If the user has a history of authentic edits, only a verbal caution will be issued; but if the plagiarism persists, it may be considered intentional.

Persistent plagiarism

Persistent plagiarism will result in a block being issued. If the plagiarism persists, an indefinite block will be issued. The blocking administrator/moderator will impose the appropriate block length towards the user.

Severe plagiarism

Severe plagiarism is a serious matter, and will result in either a length block or indefinite block being issued. The blocking administrator/moderator must determine whether the plagiarism is severe.

Reverting plagiarism

Please note, although some information may appear comparable to other sources, it cannot be modified. If a user notices a page being plagiarized, they should consider the following actions:
  • Undo the plagiarism. If the user is unsure of doing this, they should read here.
  • Rollback is another tool that reverts edits with one simple click. Only rollbacks, moderators, and administrators can use this tool.
  • Report the user. It is recommended that the report gets sent to an active moderator or administrator, or VSTF.
  • Warn the user. Visit their message wall and warn them of their actions.